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National and State Fingerprint Based Criminal History Check

Fingerprint Based Checks

The State of Indiana has contracted with Morpho Trust (previously L1 Identity Solutions) to provide those DCS fingerprint based subjects with an electronic method to meet the fingerprint screening requirements of DCS. Paper print cards will not be accepted under normal situations.  If there is a need for printing in the subject’s home please contact the DCS Central Office Background Check Unit (COBCU) to discuss the options available.

All DCS licensed agencies, DCS contractors and Subcontractors of DCS agencies must be added to the Morpho trust registration system as a DCS agency.  This must be the first step in fingerprinting to assure that the agency appears as a DCS agency in the registration site. Subject must be printed under the agency in which they are employed and not another agency in which they are working closing with or subcontracting to meet this requirement.

 Provide the below information by e-mail to COBCUinquiry@dcs.in.gov. You must submit the following information then wait to get a return e-mail prior to proceeding with the fingerprinting process.

  1. Indicate which of the below represents your agency, indicate more than one if you have different licenses or license and DCS contract both
    • Indiana DCS Licensed Child Placing agency - NOTE- This is not a day care center, child care center or child care ministry.  If you are one of these contact the Family and  Social Services Agency/Division of Family. Resources/Child Care Licensing
    • Indiana DCS Licensed Group Home
    • Indiana DCS Licensed Child Caring Institution (private secure or not private secure)
    • Indiana DCS contracted agency
    • Subcontracting agency providing services to DCS through an agency which is directly licensed or contracted with DCS.
  2. Legal Name of agency as it appears on DCS contract or license.
    • Is there a legal name and a different doing business name? If yes, provide both and indicate which is legal and which is doing business as name
    • If your agency is subcontracting your services through an agency directly licensed or contracted with DCS, provide the name of the agency in which your agency subcontracts through.
  3. Mailing address of agency
  4. Contact person’s name from your agency in which COBCU will contact with questions, or provide updates in background check policy or procedures as well as receive any fingerprint status letters for agency employees or volunteers that are fingerprinted for DCS purposes.
  5. Person in #D direct phone number.
  6. Person in #D e-mail address.  This will include confidential background check information at times being sent to this e-mail address.
  7. If your agency has a direct contract with DCS please provide the most recent contract number or numbers, if the agency has more than one contract with DCS.


Customized instructions should be provided to the fingerprint subject by the following individuals depending on the reason for printing.

Printing Purpose Instructions Supplied
Emergency relative placement Child's Family Case Manager
Non emergency relative placement Child's Family Case Manager
Reunification of a child in the home  Child's Family Case Manager
Foster home licensure through DCS office Foster Care Specialist at DCS
Foster home licensure through LCPA Licensing worker at LCPA
DCS Adoption of a ward child  Child's Family Case Manager
Employment/Volunteer with licensed
  • Group Home
  • Residential Facility
  • Licensed Child Placing agency
  • Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
    Employment/volunteer with DCS Contractor
  • Community Based Services provider
  • Community Mental Health Center
  • Community Partners
  • Healthy Families
  • Home Builders
  • Independent Living
  • Older Youth Services
  • Project Safe Place
  • Youth Service Bureau
  • Adoptive Services
  • Data Management
  • Other contracts directly with DCS
  • Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
     Agency HR Department
    Employment/volunteer with an agenda providing staff personnel
    or services through any one of the agencies listed
    in any of the above bullets.
    (Subcontractor/Sub provider/Subgrantee)
     Subcontractor HR Department
     Sub provider HR Department
     Subgrantee HR Department

    NOTE: Fingerprints for non DCS (private) adoptions should contact the Indiana State Police or visit their website at http://www.in.gov/isp/2674.htm.