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Soil & Water Conservation District

Soil and Water Conservation Districts:

Each county in Indiana has a Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). SWCDs are subdivisions of state government led by a 5-member board of supervisors. SWCDs identify and address soil and water conservation needs in their counties. SWCDs address issues such as water quality improvement in agricultural and urban areas, forestry, wildlife habitat enhancement, water management, land use change, and natural resource education. SWCDs boundaries are the same as the county's boundaries.

Parke County Soil and Water Conservation District Mission Statement:

Provide leadership, education, and assistance to agricultural and urban interests in the proper use and management of soil, water, and related Natural Resources in Parke County.

Contact Information:

Parke County Soil & Water Conservation District
252 S. Ridgewood Dr.
Rockville, IN 47872
765-569-3551, ext. 3

Administrator: Lindsey Bishop

Soil and Water Conservation District members:

  • John Craycraft, Chairman
  • Bob Hale, Vice-Chairman
  • Phil Adams, Secretary
  • Marvin Rode
  • Mitch Gum