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Online New Hire Packet

The Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD) has designed Orientation to facilitate your transition into state government and to prepare for your first day of employment. Below is a list of resources from which you can draw assistance, as you become part of our high-performance work team. Contact your agency supervisor or agency human resource department for any further questions concerning Orientation or the Onboarding experience.


The Form I-9 must be completed in SuccessFactors on your first day of employment. Employees will receive a welcome letter in their personal email prior to their start date with a link to complete their Form I-9 electronically in SuccessFactors. To comply with federal law, we must verify the identity and employment authorization of each person we hire and retain a Form I-9 for each employee. Indiana state government is an E-verify employer. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States and is completed with Form I-9. You must supply your original, unexpired documents along with this form. Photocopies do not meet the requirement. Refer to the Form I-9 acceptable documents list to determine which documents to bring for employment verification.


Benefits includes information on health, vision and dental insurance; life insurance, HSA’s flexible spending accounts, prescriptions, and the non-tobacco use agreement. You are not required to enroll in benefits at the time of hire. If you choose not to enroll, your next opportunity to enroll will be during the annual open enrollment period. Please use the quick step guide when enrolling into your state benefits.

Have questions about your current benefits or are you unsure of what is included with your health coverage? Contact the SPD Benefits Hotline for any questions or issues with your coverage at 317-232-1167 (within Indianapolis) or toll-free at 877-248-0007 (outside Indianapolis). Click to visit the Benefits homepage.

2024 Resources

State Policies and Performance Management Cycle

Performance management defines the relationship that should exist between state employees and their supervisors. It is an interactive process where upper management communicates the agency’s strategic vision and objectives to every manager, supervisor and employee who then develop program, division and individual goals designed to achieve the agency’s strategic objectives. The INSPD Employee Relations Division created the document below summarizing the performance management cycle. This document also explains how employees accrue paid leave.

All employees are responsible for knowing and complying with INSPD’s Standardized Policies as well as agency-specific policies and procedures. It is important for all new or returning employees to review and understand the Employee Handbook and complete the Acknowledgement of Standardized Policies and Employee Handbook form. Return this form to your HR team once you have reviewed and signed this form.


With approximately $25.7 billion in assets under management at fiscal year-end 2011, the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS) is among the largest 100 pension funds in the United States. The fund serves the needs of more than 500,000 members and retirees representing more than 1,400 employers including public universities, school corporations, municipalities and state agencies. You can learn more by reviewing the documents below or by clicking here.

Hoosier START

In addition to defined benefit plans like PERF, defined contribution plans are a valuable and important tool to help Hoosiers adequately prepare themselves and their families for retirement. The Hoosier START 457 and 401(a) plans, like their private sector counterpart, the 401(k) plan, offer public employees a voluntary way to save for their retirement through tax deferred contributions to their own individual accounts. Review this important auto enrollment letter to learn more about the plan or by visiting their website.


A college education, for you or your children, may be more than a few years away, but saving for it takes careful planning right now. You need a plan that’s smart, flexible, and affordable. CollegeChoice 529 savings plans are designed to help you save for college tuition, certain room and board costs, books, supplies, and other qualified higher education expenses. Learn more about CollegeChoice 529 by reviewing the information provided below or by visiting this website.

Online Training

New or returning employees are required to take the following courses: Information Technology Resources User Agreement (ITR), Ethics and Preventing Workplace & Sexual Harassment. These are web-based training courses that need to be completed within the first two weeks of employment. All of the courses are located in SuccessFactors Learning and can be accessed anytime. The quick step guide below can assist you with accessing and completing these or other agency based trainings.

Also, a detailed listing of the State’s workplace and sexual harassment prevention policy is provided in conjunction with the Sexual Harassment Prevention training.