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Build Indiana Fund Project List


For the 1999-2001 biennium, the following amounts are hereby appropriated from the Build Indiana Fund.


     Proton Therapy Center                                                                                     10,000,000

INDIANA TECHNOLOGY FUND                                                                          76,000,000

The above appropriation for the Indiana technology fund includes the following allocations for libraries, Intelenet, department of education/technology grants, and IHETS for the state backbone.

Libraries (IC 4-34-3-3)                  3,000,000                 3,000,000
Intelenet (IC 4-43-3-4)                   6,500,000                 6,500,000
Department of Education/technology grants (IC 4-34-3-5)
                                                      27,500,000               27,500,000
Department of Education/technology grants (IC 4-34-3-5)
                                                         1,250,000                 1,250,000
IHETS for state backbone            1,000,000                  1,000,000

Total Operating Expense                       25,000,000                 25,000,000

TELEVISION STATIONS                                                                                     20,000,000

The above appropriation is for grants for digital conversion of public television. The Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations, Inc. shall submit a distribution plan for the education television stations that must be approved by the budget agency after review by the budget committee.

AND LOANS                                                                                                           40,000,000

The foregoing appropriation for local wastewater and drinking water grants and loans shall be deposited in the supplemental drinking water and wastewater assistance fund established by IC 13-18-21-21.

State-local airport improvement grant program   2,000,000
NICTD East Chicago Station   3,500,000
Monroe County Airport   50,000
TRANSPO Amtrak station   1,500,000
Lake Shafer Enhancement   2,000,000
Lake George Dredging (Lake County)   500,000
Heritage Trust   5,000,000
Lake Michigan Marina Development Com.   500,000
West Baden Springs   1,000,000
City of Vincennes Old Post Office   200,000
Hometown Indiana   1,000,000
Each Hometown Indiana project shall be reviewed by the budget committee.    
SPECIAL BIF   10,000,000


Abington Twp. FD   5,000
Acuff Road Business Park (Monroe Co.)   125,000
African American Achievers Theater (Lake Co.)   150,000
African American Achievers Youth Corp., Inc. (Lake Co.)   25,000
African American Achievers (Lake Co.)   25,000
African Americans United, Inc. (Lake Co.)   50,000
Allen County Local Education Fund   25,000
Allen County/Ft. Wayne Historical Society   50,000
Allen Co. Central City Trust Fund   50,000
Anderson - Memorial Field renovation   25,000
Anderson - Meridian Street revitalization   95,000
Anderson - Wilson Boys and Girls Club   47,000
Anderson Twp. VFD at St. Marks (Perry Co.)   20,000
Argos Community Ambulance Service equipment   18,500
Argos VFD equipment   18,500
Austin - parks   30,000
Avilla - flood prevention   80,000
Beanblossom-Patricksburg Water Corp.-Spencer water system   50,000
Beech Grove Fire Department   50,000
Beech Grove Senior Citizens Center   100,000
Benton Co. Fowler/Center Twp. VFD   62,500
Benton Co. Hickory Grove VFD   62,500
Benton Co. Otterbein Community Center   25,000
Benton Co. Richland Twp. VFD   42,850
Benton Co. Town of Oxford Park Board   12,000
Benton Twp. (Monroe Co.) FD   7,500
Bessie Owens Community Center - East Chicago   25,000
Beverly Shores Walking Path (Lake Co.)   50,000
Birdseye VFD (Dubois Co.)   10,000
Black Expo Economic Development Corp. (Marion Co.)   25,000
Blooming Grove VFD   50,000
Bloomington Community Ice Rink   100,000
Bloomington Twp. FD equipment and construction (Monroe Co.)   150,000
Boonville - codification system   15,000
Boonville - parking meter project   30,000
Boonville Demolition/Paving project   5,000
Boonville FD project   20,000
Bowling Green Old Settlers Reunion, Inc. - community center building   50,000
Bowman Park/School 79 playground (Marion Co.)   45,000
Brazil YMCA   30,000
Brazil YMCA - building and equipment   20,000
Bread of Life Ministry   10,000
Bread of Life Ministry - freezer   9,000
Bread of Life Ministry (Vanderburgh Co.)   10,000
Bridgeton VFD equipment   10,000
Brookville VFD   100,000
Brother's Keeper (Lake Co.)   25,000
Brothers Keepers Inc. (Lake Co.)   200,000
Brothers Keepers (Lake Co.)   100,000
Brownstown VFD   25,000
Bryant Community Center   30,000
Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Assn. (Marion Co.)   50,000
Cambridge City FD   5,000
Cambridge City infrastructure   100,000
Cardinal Ritter HS Computer networking project (Marion Co.)   15,000
Celestine VFD (Dubois Co.)   10,000
Center for the Homeless (St. Joseph Co.)   100,000
Center Twp. FD - smoke hood and defibrillator   30,000
Centerville FD   5,000
Centerville infrastructure   100,000
Centerville Sr. Center - building improvements   25,000
Central City Housing Trust Fund - Fort Wayne   100,000
Central Perry VFD (Perry Co.)   10,000
Chrisney - Paving Project   15,000
City of Charlestown Fire Department   25,000
City of Charlestown Street Equipment   50,000
City of Hammond - Martin Luther King Park   20,000
City of Hammond - Safety Village   40,000
City of Hammond - Soccer Fields   50,000
City of Lafayette Fire Department for purchase of equipment   5,000
City of Portage Fire Department   26,900
City of Scottsburg Fire Department   50,000
City of Seymour Fire Department   50,000
City of Seymour Refuse Transfer Station   50,000
Civil Rights Hall of Fame (Lake Co.)   25,000
Clark Co. - Roke Road Project   150,000
Clark Co. - Wood Twp. VFD   50,000
Clay Co., Lewis Twp. - fire truck   50,000
Clay Co., Town of Centerpoint - infrastructure   25,000
Clay Co., Town of Clay City - fire-police building   25,000
Clay Co., Town of Clay City - water system renovation   25,000
Clay Township Trustee for maintenance of township park(St.Joseph Co)   70,000
Clinton - Crown Hill Sewer Extension   110,000
Clinton City FD equipment   20,000
Colfax Campus/South Bend Heritange Foundation (St. Joseph Co.)   40,000
College Branch Library (Marion Co.)   50,000
Community Action of Greater Indpls.   50,000
Coolspring Twp. VFD - engine/equipment project   100,000
Covington - sewer and storm drains   70,000
Crawford Co. Auditor - building   40,000
Crooked Creek Multi Service Center (Marion Co.)   100,000
Crossroad - Ft. Wayne Children's Home   50,000
Crown Point FD - ambulance and equipment   100,250
Curry Twp. FD (Sullivan Co.)   25,000
Dale - Community Center Project   35,000
Dalman Road Project - Allen Co.   200,000
Dalman Road Project (Allen Co.)   50,000
Dana sewer   10,000
Daviess County Museum - restrooms   10,000
Daviess Co. Fairgrounds - improvements   15,000
Delaware Co. Albany FD   45,000
Deco Entertainment for historic renovation of Lafayette Theatre   18,000
Devington CDC (Marion Co.)   500,000
Dick Johnson Twp. VFD   25,000
Dillsboro VFD   50,000
Dubois Co. Museum, Inc. - building   50,000
Eagle Creek Little League relocation (Marion Co.)   70,000
East Chicago - EMS Ambulance   100,000
East Chicago - Little League (Parks) improvement   75,000
East Chicago Parks and Recreation Area   50,000
East Enterprise VFD   50,000
Eastbrook Elementary Computer Lab (Marion Co.)   15,000
Eastern Greene County VFD   34,000
Eastside Community Investments, Inc. (Marion Co.)   200,000
Elberfeld VFD - turnout gear   20,000
Elkhart - Ullery Homeownership district infrastructure   100,000
Elkhart Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo - computers, equipment   20,000
Elkhart Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo - van   10,000
Elkhart Co. Baugo Twp. VFD - safety equipment   15,000
Elm Heights School - Playground and handicapped ramp (Monroe Co)   59,500
English VFD (Crawford Co.)   10,000
Enrichment Center - Children's Museum (Marion Co.)   25,000
Evansville Coalition for the Homeless - copier   5,000
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp. - Bosse Field Sound System   24,000
Fairbanks Twp. (Sullivan Co.) - vehicle/equipment   25,000
Fairview VFD equipment   20,000
Family Services of Elkhart Co. - women's shelter   50,000
Ferdinand - Park Project   35,000
Fillmore VFD   11,000
Finley Twp. VFD (Scott Co.)   10,000
Flanner House (Marion Co.)   100,000
Floyd Co. - Georgetown Twp. VFD   30,000
Floyd Co. - Greenville Twp Fire Board   100,000
Folsomville Owen Twp. VFD   20,000
Food Finders Food Bank - warehouse facility construction (Lafayette)   20,000
Fort Wayne - Hamilton Park sidewalk   15,000
Fort Wayne - street resurfacing (81st District)   110,000
Fort Wayne Art Museum   50,000
Fort Wayne Gren Park - running track   15,000
Fortville - Green Township Fire Department   20,000
Fountain County War Museum - Veedersburg   10,000
Fountain Co. 4-H ground improvements   20,000
Fountain Co. Clerk - computer systems/upgrade   5,000
Fountainet VFD   25,000
Franklin Twp. VFD (Washington Co.)   5,000
Friends of the Archives - State House Guidebook Printing   75,000
Friends of the Zoo (Lafayette)   10,000
Ft. Wayne Neighborhood Housing Partnership   90,000
Ft. Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center   25,000
Gary Delinquent Tax Acquisition Fund   100,000
Gary YWCA   100,000
Gentryville - Lake Project   8,000
Gentryville - Town Hall Project   7,000
Gentryville VFD   5,000
German Township Trustee for maintenance of township park(St.Jos.Co)   65,000
Gibson Co. Ambulance Service - upgrade fleet & equipment   30,000
Gibson Co. Fairboard - fairgrounds pavilion   250,000
Gibson Co. Sheriff Department - video/audio systems   10,000
Gibson Twp-Little York FD (Washington Co.)   10,000
Grassy Fork Twp. VFD (Jackson Co.)   25,000
Greenbriar Elementary - outdoor learning (Marion Co.)   25,000
Greencastle City Hall   84,000
Greene County Emergency Management   10,000
Greene County Firefighters Assn.   5,000
Greene County Highland Twp. VFD   46,000
Greene Co. Center Twp. - fire station/EMT building   80,000
Greene Co. Lyons - city park   10,000
Greene Co. Switz City - sidewalks   10,000
Greene Co. Taylor Twp. - cemetery paving   8,000
Griffith - intersection of Colfax Ave and Main St. project   150,000
Hamlet - Davis Township FD   50,000
Hammond - Challenger Space Learning Ctr - bldg. construction   110,000
Hammond - Martin Luther King Park - bandshell   20,000
Hammond - Ophelia Steen Community Center - building   40,000
Hammond - Woodland Child Development Center - building   15,000
Hammond YMCA - building repairs   25,000
Hanover - park improvements   40,000
Harcourt Elementary - outdoor learning (Marion Co.)   25,000
Harmony Wastewater   50,000
Harris Twp. Trustee for purchase of land and development of park   250,000
Harrison Co. - Corydon VFD   20,000
Harrison Co. - Franklin Twp. VFD   100,000
Harrison Co. - Ramsey VFD   50,000
Haubstadt VFD - turnout gear   10,000
Haubstadt Wastewater Project   35,000
Haven Hollow Park pave parking lot (Porter Co.)   43,000
Haven House, Inc.   108,400
Haysville - Harbison Twp. VFD - building   10,000
Health Net Foundation (Marion Co.)   50,000
Health Net Foundation (Marion Co.)   50,000
Health Net (Marion Co.)   25,000
Heritage Hall Community Center - East Chicago   25,000
Hidden Lake Park softball complex (Ross Twp. Lake Co.)   465,000
Highland - downtown redevelopment   100,000
Highland FD - hurst tool set   37,000
Highland FD - radio equipment   40,000
Highland Girls' Youth Basketball, Inc.   1,000
Highland Police Dept. - storage facility   40,000
Hillsdale VFD equipment   10,000
Holland - Cass Twp. Fire Department   10,000
Hoosier Boys' Town (Lake Co.)   25,000
Hoosier Boys' Town (Lake Co.)   25,000
Hoosier Boys Town (Lake Co.)   25,000
Howard Co., Taylor Twp., park water fountains   1,500
Howard Co., Taylor Twp., ball diamond   4,000
Howard Co.,Taylor Twp., fire station repairs   38,000
Huntingburg Parks Dept. - Trails program   50,000
Imagination Station - renovation, expansion (Tippecanoe Co.)   25,000
Indian Heights Elem. Schl - sign (Howard Co.)   4,000
Indian Heights Elem. School outdoor lab (Howard Co.)   30,000
Indiana Black Expo EDC   25,000
Indiana Black Expo of Ft. Wayne - (van/equipment)   10,000
Indiana Black Expo, Inc.   340,000
Indianapolis Parks Department   50,000
Indianapolis Public Schools   75,000
Ingalls - Fire Department improvements   81,000
Intersection Improvements and Signalization - Clarksville   235,000
IPFW - sports infrastructure (Ft. Wayne)   50,000
Jackson Co. Reddington VFD   12,000
Jackson Twp. VFD (Clay Co.)   25,000
Jackson Twp. VFD (Washington Co.)   10,000
Jackson/Washington Twp. VFD (Jackson Co.)   25,000
Jasper - Baseball Hall of Fame   15,000
Jasper - walking paths along the Patoka River   50,000
Jasper VFD (Dubois Co.)   10,000
Jay County Fair   100,000
Jay County Fire Departments - radios and pagers   75,000
Jay Co. Historical Society building repair   20,000
Jefferson Co. 4-H Fair Board   20,000
Jefferson Co. Canaan VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. Clifty Fire Co. #6   3,000
Jefferson Co. Deputy VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. Dupont VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. Fairplay Fire Co. #1   3,000
Jefferson Co. Hanover VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. Heritage Trails   45,000
Jefferson Co. Kent VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. Madison - Pearl Park   30,000
Jefferson Co. Madison VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. Milton VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. North Madison Fire Co. #5   3,000
Jefferson Co. Ryker's Ridge VFD   12,000
Jefferson Co. Walnut Street Fire Co. #4   3,000
Jefferson Co. Washington Fire Co. #2   3,000
Jefferson Co. Western Fire Co. #3   3,000
Jeffersonville - Charleston Road overpass   100,000
Jeffersonville - Spring Hill Community Building   135,000
Jennings Co. 4-H Fair Board   20,000
Jennings Co. Campbell VFD   12,000
Jennings Co. Center VFD   12,000
Jennings Co. Geneva VFD   12,000
Jennings Co. Lovett VFD   12,000
Jennings Co. Montgomery VFD   12,000
Jennings Co. Spencer VFD   12,000
Jennings Co. Vernon downtown revitalization   10,000
Jennings Co. Vernon VFD   12,000
Jennings Twp. VFD (Scott Co.)   10,000
Johanning Civic Center (Howard Co.)   108,500
Johnson Twp. FD   75,000
Johnson Twp. VFD (Scott Co.)   25,000
Jonathan Jennings-School 109 technology (Marion Co.)   15,000
Kingman VFD equipment   10,000
Knox County Association for Retarded Citizens - Civitan Center   100,000
Knox Co. Fairgrounds - improvements   50,000
Knox Co. Johnson Twp. VFD - truck   100,000
Knox Co. Monument Fund - Civil War Monument restoration   10,000
Kokomo FD - breathing masks   50,000
Kokomo, West Side Bambino League parking lot & lights   14,000
Ladoga Normal College Building   50,000
Ladoga Wastewater   50,000
Lafayette Square Area beautification (Marion Co.)   150,000
LaGrange - waterworks project   100,000
LaGrange Co. Sewer District   200,000
Lake County Fairgrounds   100,250
Lake Dale FD - equipment   33,000
Lake Station Civic Center   100,000
Lakes of Four Seasons FD - equipment   100,250
Lapel - Local water project   112,000
Laporte Co. - Harmony House, Inc. building improvements   15,000
LaPorte Co. Parks Dept. - Creek Ridge Co. Park - handicap access trail   20,000
Lawrence Co. Indian Creek Twp. - fire station   40,000
Lawrence Co. Marion Twp. - fire department   10,000
Lawrence Co. Perry Twp. VFA   134,000
Lawrence Co. Shawswick Twp. - East Oolitic community building   45,000
Lawrence Co. Spice Valley Twp. - Huron Fire Department   10,000
Lawrence Co. Spice Valley Twp. - Williams Fire Department   10,000
Leadership Perry Co. Playground Project   15,000
Leavenworth VFD (Crawford Co.)   10,000
Lexington Twp. VFD (Scott Co.)   25,000
Life Spring   100,000
Long Center for the Performing Arts (Lafayette)   150,000
Lowell Fire Department   100,250
Madison - Millennium Project   50,000
Madison - Riverfront   35,000
Madison - Riverfront - Civil War Memorial   40,000
Madison Township VFD (Washington Co.)   10,000
Madison Twp. VFD (Odon) - fire truck   50,000
Manchester VFD   50,000
Mansfield Mill   50,000
Mapleton Fall Creek CDC (Marion Co.)   100,000
Marengo-Liberty Twp. VFD (Crawford Co.)   10,000
Mariah Hill Park   5,000
Marion Twp. fire equip and twp. park (Jennings Co.)   25,000
Marshall Co. Humane Society equipment   30,000
Marshall Co. Sheriff Dept. computers and equipment   70,000
Martin Co. Lost River Twp. - truck   75,000
Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center - East Chicago   25,000
Martin Luther King, Jr. CDC (Marion Co.)   25,000
Martindale Brightwood CDC (Marion Co.)   60,000
Maumee Valley River Basin Committee   50,000
MC - North Central Community Action Agencies -Neighborhood Center   20,000
Mecca VFD equipment   10,000
Merrillville VFD - emergency vehicle/equipment   35,000
Michigan City - beautification of Michigan Blvd/US 35   250,000
Michigan City Police Dept. Community Policing Program   20,000
Middleway House Transitional Housing (Monroe Co.)   100,000
Millenium Project-Wildcat Creek Greenway (Howard Co.)   250,000
Miller-York VFD   50,000
Milltown VFD (Crawford Co.)   10,000
Milton infrastructure   50,000
Mishawaka - sidewalks, curbs, sewers, intersection improvements   170,000
Monroe City "Blue Jeans" Center - community center   30,000
Monroe County Emergency Management   60,000
Monroe County Fair Board   54,000
Monroe County Fairgrounds   50,000
Monroe County Firefighters Assn.   40,000
Monroe County Indian Creek Firefighters Assn.   80,000
Monroe Co. Convention & Visitors Bureau beautification project   15,000
Monroe Co. Courthouse structural repair   50,000
Monroe Co. Ellettsville - Recreational Family Park   37,000
Monroe Co. Humane Association   25,000
Moorse Hill VFD   50,000
Morris Civic Center (St. Joseph Co.)   150,000
Mt. Pleasant UMC (Vigo Co.)- water line extension   20,000
Muncie - Downtown redevelopment   250,000
Muncie Community Schools - modular classroom   20,000
Muncie Public Library - land   100,000
National Civil Rights Museum and Hall of Fame Inc. (Lake Co.)   100,000
New Albany Twp. VFD (Floyd Co.)   100,000
New Chicago - Road Grates   50,000
New Goshen VFD   30,000
New Goshen VFD equipment   10,000
New Washington VFD   25,000
Newport - old jail restoration   10,000
Newport - VC library   20,000
Newport VFD equipment   10,000
Newton Co. American Legion Post #146   1,725
Newton Co. American Legion Post #364   2,150
Newton Co. Beaver Twp. Fire Station/Community Center   25,775
Newton Co. Emergency Mgt. Agy.   30,000
Newton Co. Goodland-Grant Twp. Library   40,000
Newton Co. Mount Ayr Town Hall and Community Center   40,000
Newton Co. Sumava Resorts Park   8,000
North Lake County Children's Museum   1,000,000
Northern Indiana Arts Assn - computer equipment (Lake Co.)   34,000
Northern Indiana Arts Assn - facade improvements (Lake Co.)   4,600
Northwest Family Services - Ophelia Steen Center (Lake Co.)   50,000
NWHS Kindergarten/Daycare - playground (Marion Co.)   45,000
Oakland City - Emer. street repairs from storm damage   50,000
Oasis of Hope Shelter for Battered Women (Marion Co.)   50,000
Orange Co. - Community Building   116,000
Orange Co. - Emergency System   56,000
Orange Co. Southeast Twp. - Fire Department   10,000
Orange Co. Northeast Twp. - Community Center   5,000
Orange Co. Orangeville Twp. - Community Center   5,000
Oregon Twp.-Koontz Lake FD firetruck   50,000
Osceola - dry well installations   75,000
Osceola - road repairs   15,000
Osceola VFD - safety equipment   15,000
Otwell - Jefferson Twp. Park improvements   20,000
Owen Co., Clay Twp. - fire pumper truck   50,000
Owen Co., Town of Gosport - fire truck   50,000
Owen Co., Town of Gosport - water system renovation   25,000
Owen Co., Washington Twp. fire station   15,000
Parke Co. 4-H Fairgounds   15,000
Parke Co. 4-H ground improvements   10,000
Parke Co. Clerk - computer systems/upgrade   5,000
Parke Co. JUGA VFD   25,000
Parker City Community Park   35,000
Pathway Homeless Shelter (Marion Co.)   50,000
Patoka Twp. VFD - North District building expansion   25,000
Pendleton - Falls Park Sports Complex project   120,000
Pennsylvania Community Center - East Chicago   25,000
Perry County Airport Authority   100,000
Perry Twp. (Monroe Co.) FD   25,000
Perrysville VFD equipment   10,000
Phillips Temple/ICEE (Marion Co.)   50,000
Pierce-Polk Twp. VFD (Washington Co.)   10,000
Pike High School soccer facilities (Marion Co.)   45,000
Plymouth Jr. League Baseball - concession, restrooms, booth,equip   68,000
Plymouth Public Library   50,000
Portage Detective Bureau Cameras   8,567
Portage Exchange Club Freedom Shrine Memorial   10,158
Portage Park Dept. repairs and improvements   3,370
Portage radio room/cell block cameras   7,824
Portage street lights   2,400
Portage Twp. Community Health Care Clinic (Porter Co.)   18,186
Portage Twp. VFD - equipment (St. Joseph Co.)   50,000
Portage, Olson Park surveillance camera   4,595
Posey Co. Marrs Twp. VFD - truck   30,000
Posey Co. Mt. Vernon - Senior Citizen's Center expansion   90,000
Posey Co. New Harmony - capital   150,000
Posey Co. Poseyville - renovation Community/Senior Citizen's Center   35,000
Posey Co. Smith Twp. VFD - equipment   10,000
Posey Twp. VF Co., Inc (Washington Co.).   10,000
Project Renew (Ft. Wayne)   50,000
Potawatomi Zoological Society (St. Joe. Co.)   50,000
Providence Home (Clark Co.)   250,000
Putnam County EMS   20,000
Randolph Co. 4-H pavilion & HVAC for Husted Hall   100,000
Randolph Co. Farmland VFD, Inc.   50,000
Redkey VFD   25,000
Reo-French Island Water Project   20,000
Richmond FD   5,000
Richmond infrastructure   200,000
Riverside Park Ball Field Improvements (Lake Co.)   50,000
Roachdale water wells project   25,000
Roberto Clemente Community Center - East Chicago   25,000
Robertson Village Replatting & Parks (Marion Co.)   50,000
Rockport - Lincoln Pioneer Village Project   15,000
Rockport - Park Project   15,000
Rocky Ripple Town Board   25,000
Roke Road Project (Clark Co.)   150,000
Rome VFD (Perry Co.)   10,000
Rosedale water tower   20,000
Russellville VFD   15,000
R. Ross CDC (Marion Co.)   50,000
Sandborn Park   15,000
Sandcut - Otter Creek VFD Sandcut Station   80,000
Santa Claus - Park Project   20,000
Scenic Gateway Project (Monroe Co.)   15,000
Schererville - Fire Station construction/addition   120,000
Schererville - Hoosier Boys Town - building construction   25,000
Schererville - Joliet Street improvements   30,000
Schererville - Lake County Surveyor - Hartsdale Pond Flood Control   125,000
Schnellville VFD (Dubois Co.)   10,000
Science Lab relocation - Indianapolis   15,000
Scott County YMCA   50,000
Shelby FD - equipment   33,000
Shepherdsville VFD equipment   10,000
Skelton Twp. VFD project   5,000
Sneider FD - equipment   33,000
South Bend Chapter Black Expo for Youth Program and computers   20,000
South Haven VFD fire engine (Porter Co.)   250,000
South Milford VFD   45,000
Southeast Neighborhood Development (Marion Co.)   300,000
Southwest Indiana Law Enforcement Training Council   10,000
Sports & Hobby Develop. Group of Muncie - SportsPlex   90,000
Spurgeon - street improvements   30,000
Star Point Program of the Children's Museum (Marion Co.)   25,000
Starke Co. Sheriff Dept. computers and equipment   50,000
State Line VFD equipment   10,000
Steele Twp. VFD (Plainville)   25,000
Stendal - Lockhart Twp VFD - truck   110,000
Studebaker Museum (St. Joseph Co.)   250,000
St. Anthony VFD (Dubois Co.)   10,000
St. Bernice VFD equipment   10,000
St. Joseph Co. Center Twp. VFD - equipment   100,000
St. Joseph Co. Gilmer Park   400,000
St. Joseph Co. Penn Twp. North VFD - safety equipment   15,000
St. Joseph Co. Penn Twp. South VFD - safety equipment   15,000
St. Joseph Co. Portage Twp. VFD - equipment   40,000
St. Joseph Co. road/drainage projects   300,000
St. Leon VFD   100,000
St. Mary-of-the-Woods Day Care/Pre School (Vigo Co.)   25,000
St. Mary-of-the-Woods Village Trustee - sidewalk construction   15,000
Sullivan Co. YMCA (Sullivan) - land acquisition/chartering   30,000
Tell City - Hoosier RR Project   100,000
Tell City - Port Project   25,000
Terre Haute - Byrd Gibson Recreation Center   150,000
Terre Haute - McMillan Adult Day Care Center   28,000
Terre Haute - Ryves Hall Youth Center   100,000
Terre Haute - Woodlawn Cemetery - fence   50,000
Terre Haute City Hall exterior restoration and rehab project   50,000
Terre Haute Family YMCA   42,000
Terre Haute Miss Softball America - indoor softball complex   15,000
Terre Haute South Babe Ruth League - baseball field   10,000
The Learning Disability Center (Allen Co.)   10,000
The Museums at Prophetstown - infrastructure (Tippecanoe Co.)   100,000
The Respect Academy - Computer Lab (Marion Co.)   50,000
Tippecanoe Co. Historical Association   7,000
Town of Hamlet - well head protection system   25,000
Town of Argos   70,000
Town of Dugger - fire station project   50,000
Town of Fulda   5,000
Town of Grandview Project   5,000
Town of Porter - Baseball Field Reconstruction at Hawthorn Park   75,000
Town of Porter - Hike/Bike Trail Connection   50,000
Town of Sandborn - community center   100,000
Turkey Run High School tennis courts   20,000
Turman Township Advisory Board (Graysville) - firehouse   50,000
Unified Dispatch Signal Enhancement (Monroe Co.)   50,000
Union Twp./Ft. Branch VFD - truck (Gibson Co.)   100,000
United Northeast CDC (Marion Co.)   50,000
United Way of Delaware Co., Inc. - directories   40,000
UNWA CDC (Marion Co.)   35,000
UNWA Senior Citizens Assisted Living (Marion Co.)   50,000
Urban League of South Bend and St. Joseph County, Inc.   25,000
Utica - drainage and sidewalk improvements   30,000
Vanderburgh Co. ARC - improvements   250,000
Vanderburgh Co. Armstrong Twp. Recreation Center - improvements   46,000
Vanderburgh Co. Armstrong Twp. Recreation Center fire hydrant   4,000
Vanderburgh Co. CAP of Evansville   60,000
Vanderburgh Co. Emporia Project   400,000
Vanderburgh Co. Fair Assn. drainage   72,000
Vanderburgh Co. German Twp. VFD - remodeling   63,000
Vanderburgh Co. Knight Twp. VFD - defibrillators   3,000
Vanderburgh Co. Old Courthouse Preservation Society - improvements   60,000
Vanderburgh Co. Perry Twp. VFD - equipment   10,000
Vanderburgh Co. Private Industry Council of Southwestern IN   50,000
Vanderburgh Co. Rivers Bend Playhouse - renovation   50,000
Vanderburgh Co. St. Vincent's Day Care Center   25,000
Vanderburgh Co. Tri-State Food Bank - racking for warehouses   25,000
Vanderburgh Co. United Caring Shelters - renovations   75,000
Veedersburg - civic center repair, HUB   20,000
Vermillion Co. Clerk - equipment upgrade   5,000
Vernon Twp. VFD (Jackson Co.)   25,000
Vienna Twp. VFD (Scott Co.)   25,000
Vigo Co., Pierson Twp. - community center restoration   20,000
Vigo Co., Pimento School, Inc. - community center restoration   20,000
Vigo Co., Riley Twp. Fire District - land acquisition   10,000
Vigo Co., Town of Riley - community center renovation   20,000
Vigo Twp. Public Library (Bicknell)   25,000
Wabash River Parkway Commission (Tippecanoe Co.)   10,000
Warren Co. 4-H Fair   10,000
Warren Co. 4-H ground improvements   10,000
Warren Co. Clerk - computer systems/upgrade   5,000
Warren Township Trustee for maintenance of township park(St.Jos.Co.)   65,000
Washington - sidewalk, curb and street repairs   75,000
Washington Co. Campbellsburg - sidewalks   10,000
Washington Co. Landfill - lift station   25,000
Washington Twp. FD   5,000
Washington Twp. FD (Knox Co.) - equipment/repairs   15,000
Wayfinder Tourism Project (Monroe Co.)   15,000
WEA Twp. Community FD - equipment (Tippecanoe Co.)   5,000
West Boggs Park - Daviess-Martin Park Dist. - improvements   50,000
West Lafayette - redevelopment of Sears and Roebuck Site   150,000
Westville - water project   45,000
White Co. Brookston Heart to Heart Park   20,000
White Co. Monon VFD   62,500
White Co. Town of Reynolds Park Board   15,000
White Co. Wolcott Park Community Building   40,000
White River State Park - Washington Street Bridge   100,000
Whiting - Parks/Street Department   75,000
Why, Inc. (Marion Co.)   25,000
Widner Twp. (Knox Co., Freelandville) community building   100,000
Williamsport VFD equipment   10,000
Winchester FD Rescue   20,000
Winslow - Patoka VFD - equipment   25,000
Winslow Community Center - improvements   25,000
YMCA - Hammond - repairs   40,000
Youth Museum Early Childhood Area (Monroe Co.)   60,000
YWCA - renovations   25,000
YWCA building construction (Lake Co.)   100,000
Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. Development Fund   25,000
4-H Fairgrounds Development   180,000
Adams Twp. Fire station   35,000
Anderson Homeless Shelter   50,000
Anderson-Paramount Theatre   50,000
Baptist Womens Shelter   300,000
Bean Blossom Patricksburg Water District   40,000
Brown Co. 4H Fairground   20,000
Brown Co. YMCA   200,000
Cannelton Hill Slide   45,000
Carroll County Fairgrounds   10,000
Chesterfield Civic Center   35,000
Chesterton Fire Engine   200,000
Clark Co. Aquatic Center   50,000
Cline Avenue-Highway 912 South Barrier   400,000
Clinton WWTP   100,000
Clinton-Fairview Fire Truck   20,000
Coburn Place Safe Haven   100,000
Community Alliance Far Eastside   100,000
Community Healthcare Foundation   80,000
Concerned Clergy Project Mercy   75,000
Crispus Attucks Center   70,000
Dubois VFD   9,000
Dunkirk/Jay Co. Playground   25,000
East Chicago IN Black Expo   80,000
East Chicago Operation Hope   40,000
Ellettsville Rescue/Fire   25,000
Emporia Community Development   50,000
English Park   90,000
Evansville ARC   75,000
Evergreen Place   25,000
Floyd Co. Animal Shelter   100,000
Floyd/Clark Co. Greenways   350,000
Gary Brownfields Cleanup   400,000
Gnaw Bone Regional Sewer District   25,000
Griffith Storm Sewers   100,000
Haubstadt WWTP Improvements   350,000
Hebron Historic Rehabilitation   125,000
Hoosier Boys Town   25,000
Huntingburg City Park   90,000
Idaville Town Park   5,000
Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition   100,000
Edison Handicapped Little League   25,000
Joe Schaefer Park   45,000
Kingsford Heights VFD   50,000
Knox Center Township VFD   175,000
Lafayette Twp. Community Center   50,000
Lake Station Civic Center   100,000
Lamar WWTP   90,000
Lapel Sewer   115,000
Laporte Airport   100,000
LaPorte YMCA   100,000
Liberty Twp. FD Tanker   75,000
Lifespring Madison   100,000
Lyford VFD trucks   20,000
Lyle Station School Restoration   100,000
Madame Walker Theater   10,000
Marrs Twp. VFD   30,000
Marshall VFD   30,000
Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center   100,000
Medaryville Fire   160,000
Milton Twp. FD   50,000
MLK Development Corp.   100,000
MLK Dev. Corp. Singles II   70,000
Monroe Co. Sheriff   25,000
Montezuma SB Restrooms   10,000
Monticello Street Project   300,000
Mt. Hermon Youth Organization   75,000
Mt. Vernon Senior Center   90,000
Muncie Downtown Revitalization   100,000
Muncie Sports Complex   100,000
New Carlisle Library   300,000
New Goshen VFD station   20,000
New Harmony Capital Const.   150,000
Noble of Indiana   54,000
N. Harrison Babe Ruth   36,000
N. Judson Fire Truck   29,000
Ohio River Water Rescue Sqd.   9,000
Orestes Sewer   75,000
Parke Co. Ambulance Service   20,000
Perry Twp. VFD   10,000
PIC of SW IN-Social Services   50,000
Plymouth Workforce Retraining Center   100,000
Poseyville Community / Senior Center   35,000
Prairie Creek VFD truck   20,000
Project KNOW/PACT   75,000
Regional Re-Employment Center   100,000
Rockville Fairgrounds Sewer   25,000
Salem Twp.-Daleville VFD   100,000
Scott Co. YMCA   200,000
Sedley Bridge Reconstruction   200,000
Selma Athletic Park   225,000
Smith Twp. VFD   10,000
South Bend Center For the Homeless   25,000
South Bend Heritage Foundation-Colfax   450,000
Spurgeon Parks   47,000
Starke Circuit Court computers   60,000
Stinesville Town Board   20,000
Stonebelt Ctr.   16,000
Sugar Creek Heavy Rescue Truck   20,000
Terre Haute 3rd St.   20,000
UNWA Development Corp   50,000
Valley Day Care   10,000
Van Buren Twp FD   25,000
Vevay WWTP   50,000
West Terre Haute curbs/water   75,000
White Co. Emerg. Mgt.   9,000
Winslow Community Center   25,000
Wood Twp. VFD   100,000
Dove Harbor Homeless Shelter   25,000
Adams County Drainage Board, Decatur   25,000
Adams Volunteer Fire Dept., Decatur Co.   10,000
Amboy Park Improvement Project, Miami Co.   10,000
Angola Carnegie Public Library, Steuben Co.   15,000
Apollo Landfill, Ostego Twp., Steuben Co.   10,000
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, Auburn, DeKalb Co.   45,000
Avon Town Hall, Hendricks Co.   50,000
Bargersville Town Hall, Johnson Co.   50,000
Bashor Home Project, Goshen, Elkhart Co.   50,000
Battle Ground Central Dist. Street Improvements, Tippecanoe Co.   25,000
Bedford City Parks Dept., Lawrence County   20,000
Berne Volunteer Fire Dept., Adams Co.   20,000
Blountsville Volunteer Fire Dept., Henry Co.   100,000
Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds, Lebanon   50,000
Boys and Girls Club, Learning Center Project, Goshen, Elkhart Co.   150,000
Boys' and Girls' Club, Decatur, Adams Co.   25,000
Bremen Community Fire Dept., German Twp., Marshall Co.   20,000
Broad Ripple High School Capital Improvements   50,000
Brownsburg Firing Range, Hendricks Co.   40,000
Brownsburg South Bypass, Hendricks Co.   50,000
Burdette Park, Discovery Lodge, Perry Twp., Evansville, Vanderburgh Co   95,000
Camp Cullom, Madison Twp., Clinton Co.   50,000
Carr Twp. Conservation Club, Medora, Jackson Co.   10,000
Cathedral High School Capital Improvements, Marion Co.   50,000
Challenger Learning Center of Northwest Indiana, Hammond, Lake Co.   100,000
Chatard High School Capital Improvements   50,000
Chester Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Poneto, Wells Co.   50,000
Churubusco Town Park Project, Whitley Co.   50,000
Cicero Parks Department, Hamilton Co.   25,000
City of Indianapolis, Road Widening and New Bridge Project, Marion Co.   200,000
Civil War Flags Commission, Marion Co.   125,000
Clarksburg Community Volunteer Fire Dept., Decatur Co.   35,000
Clay Township Parks, Inlow Park, Hamilton County   25,000
Clay Twp. Fire Dept., Morgan Co.   40,000
Clay Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Bartholomew Co.   50,000
Clinton County Fairgrounds, Center Twp., Frankfort   50,000
Columbia Twp. Community Center Renovation, Connersville, Fayette Co.   25,000
Columbus Child Care, Bartholomew Co.   75,000
Community Center, Syracuse, Kosciusko Co.   75,000
Connersville Board of Aviation, Airport Projects, Connersville, Fayette Co.   35,000
Cooperative Extension and 4-H Office, Scipio Twp., LaPorte Co.   75,000
Cromwell Infrastructure, Noble Co.   50,000
Daleville Community Library, Salem Twp., Delaware Co.   35,000
Dallas Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Andrews, Huntington Co.   70,000
Danville Sidewalk Project, Center Twp., Hendricks Co.   50,000
Decatur County YMCA, Greensburg   10,000
Downtown Infrastructure, Rushville, Rush Co.   25,000
Downtown Park, Gas City, Grant Co.   15,000
Drop-In Center, Logansport, Cass Co.   50,000
Dunreith Volunteer Fire Dept., Spiceland Twp., Henry Co.   20,000
Eaton Public Library, Union Twp., Delaware Co.   35,000
Elkhart County Community Foundation   20,000
Elwood Infrastructure, Madison Co.   50,000
Family Services of Elkhart Co., Women's Shelter, Elkhart   125,000
Fire Station and Community Building, Waynetown, Montgomery Co.   50,000
Fishers Park Department, Hamilton Co.   25,000
Fort Harrison Reuse Authority, Lawrence, Marion Co.   200,000
Francis Godfroy Reserve/Indian Memorial Recreational Center, Blackford Co.   25,000
Franklin Twp. Historical Society Building, Marion Co.   75,000
Friendship Volunteer Fire Dept., Ripley Co.   50,000
Garrett-Keyser-Butler School Corp., Keyser Township, DeKalb Co.   75,000
Guyer Opera House, Henry Co.   5,000
Hagerstown Downtown Improvements, Wayne Co.   25,000
Hamilton County Parks Department   50,000
Hancock County 4-H Fairgrounds   25,000
Hanna Volunteer Fire Dept., LaPorte Co.   30,000
Harrison Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Alto, Howard Co.   55,000
Hoosier Air Museum, Auburn, DeKalb Co.   10,000
Hoosier Boys' Town, Schererville, Lake Co.   100,000
Housing/Restoration Development Project, Clinton Co.   30,000
Howard County 4-H Fair Pavillion, Greentown   30,000
Hudson Twp. Park, New Carlisle, LaPorte Co.   5,000
Hudson Volunteer Fire Dept., Steuben Co.   5,000
Huntington County 4-H Fairgrounds, Huntington Co.   40,000
Indianapolis Terry Airport, Boone Co.   25,000
Industrial Park, Washington Twp., Salem, Washington Co.   140,000
International Chevrolet Museum and Historical Society, Auburn, DeKalb Co.   45,000
IU-PU/FW, Advanced Computing Laboratory, Allen Co.   50,000
IU-PU/FW, Interactive Business Classroom, Allen Co.   150,000
Ivy Tech State College Permanent Campus, Batesville, Franklin Co.   10,000
Jac-Cen-Del Community H.S., Ball Diamond Lights, Osgood, Ripley Co.   10,000
Jackson Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Auburn, DeKalb Co.   10,000
Jackson Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Camden, Carroll Co.   50,000
Jasper County Airport   90,000
Kempton Fire Dept., Tipton Co.   60,000
Kouts Volunteer Fire Dept., Porter Co.   80,000
Lafontaine Police Dept., Wabash Co.   15,000
Lake Restoration Project, Spring Lake, Hancock Co.   75,000
Lake Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Allen Co.   34,000
Lakeville Infrastructure, St. Joseph Co.   100,000
LaPaz Park Dept., Marshall Co.   5,000
LaPaz Volunteer Fire D, Marshall Co.   5,000
LaPorte County Fairgrounds, Community Building Project   15,000
LaPorte Municipal Airport Authority, LaPorte Co.   30,000
Letts Volunteer Fire Dept., Decatur Co.   10,000
Liberty Twp. Park Project, Wells Co.   10,000
Liberty Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Porter Co.   30,000
Liberty Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Wells Co.   50,000
Lighting Improvements, Edgewood, Madison Co.   25,000
Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center, Bartholomew Co.   75,000
Madison County 4-H Fairgrounds, Show Arena, Alexandria   40,000
Madison Twp. Fire Dept., Tipton Co.   15,000
Madison Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Hobbs, Tipton Co.   15,000
Madison Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., St. Joseph Co.   40,000
Marion Easter Pageant, Grant Co.   15,000
Marion Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Rensselaer, Jasper Co.   20,000
Marion Twp./Poe Volunteer Fire Dept., Poe, Allen Co.   60,000
Markle Volunteer Fire Dept., Markle, Huntington Co.   35,000
Marshall Volunteer Fire Dept., Parke Co.   25,000
Matthews Park Project, Grant Co.   15,000
Metz Volunteer Fire Dept., York and Richland Twps., Steuben Co.   15,000
Miami County 4-H Fairgrounds, Peru   95,000
Milan Rescue 30, Inc., Ripley Co.   10,000
Milan Volunteer Fire Dept., Ripley Co.   20,000
Mississinewa Battlefield Memorial, Marion, Grant Co.   25,000
Mississinewa Theatre/Auditorium, Gas City, Grant Co.   125,000
Monroe Youth League, Adams Co.   5,000
Monroeville Volunteer Fire Dept., Allen Co.   60,000
Mooresville Infrastructure, Bridge Proj. and SR67 Deceleration Lane, Morgan Co.   50,000
Mooresville Infrastructure, Traffic Light, Brown Twp., Morgan Co.   50,000
Mulberry VFD, Madison Twp., Clinton Co.   50,000
Muncie Police Department, Delaware Co.   10,000
Museums at Prophetstown, Infrastructure Project, Tippecanoe Co.   50,000
Needham Community Volunteer Fire Dept., Johnson Co.   50,000
New Lisbon Volunteer Fire Dept., Henry Co.   30,000
New Point Volunteer Fire Dept., Salt Creek Twp., Decatur Co.   10,000
Nineveh Volunteer Fire Dept., Johnson Co.   30,000
Noble Township VFD, Wabash County   20,000
Noblesville Parks Department, Hamilton Co.   50,000
North Manchester VFD, Wabash County   20,000
North Washington VFD, Monroe Twp., Salem, Washington Co.   10,000
Orestes Park Project, Madison Co.   10,000
Paramount Theatre Centre, Anderson, Madison Co.   60,000
Park Improvement Project, Ossian, Wells Co.   40,000
Parke County 4-H Building and Grounds Assn., Inc., Rockville   50,000
Parks and Recreation Dept., Frankfort, Clinton Co.   40,000
Perry Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Fayette, Boone Co.   100,000
Peru Fire Department, Miami Co.   20,000
Pierceton Senior Citizen Center, Kosciusko Co.   25,000
Plainfield Greenways Project, Hendricks Co.   25,000
Pleasant Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Wabash Co.   20,000
Porter County Park Department   30,000
Posey Twp. Fire Dept., Arlington, Rush Co.   15,000
Posey Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Patriot, Switzerland Co.   15,000
Potts Ditch Drainage Project, Greenfield, Hancock Co.   10,000
Preble Volunteer Fire Fighting Assn., Adams Co.   5,000
Reike Park, Auburn, DeKalb Co.   10,000
Rensselaer Park Department, Jasper Co.   90,000
Restoration of Historic Elco Theatre, Elkhart, Elkhart Co.   75,000
Richland Twp. Fire Department, Madison Co.   25,000
Roann Volunteer Fire Dept., Wabash Co.   20,000
Roger D. Branigin Boulevard, Franklin, Johnson Co.   150,000
Rush County 4-H Fairgrounds   25,000
Russiaville Community Ambulance Service, Howard County   35,000
Salem City Parks Dept., Washington County   20,000
Sanitary Sewer Project, Carthage, Rush Co.   15,000
Science Central, Fort Wayne, Allen County   125,000
Scott Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Darmstadt, Vanderburgh Co.   17,000
Sewer Evaluation Project, Everton, Fayette Co.   10,000
Shelby County Infrastructure   150,000
Shelbyville Infrastructure, Shelby Co.   50,000
Sheridan Parks Dept., Hamilton Co.   50,000
Shirley Fire Dept., Henry Co.   10,000
Sidewalks, Chandler, Warrick Co.   90,000
Speedway Fire Department, Marion Co.   125,000
Speedway Infrastructure, Sidewalks, Marion Co.   25,000
Speedway Infrastructure, Storage Building Project, Marion Co.   50,000
Spiceland Preservation and Tourism, Henry Co.   10,000
Sports Center, Muncie, Delaware Co.   20,000
Steuben Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Pleasant Lake, Steuben Co.   10,000
Stilesville Volunteer Fire Dept., Hendricks Co.   30,000
Industrial Park Improve., Connersville, Fayette Co.   130,000
Street Light Project, Monroe Twp., Cowan, Delaware Co.   10,000
Taylor University Area Improvement Project, Grant Co.   10,000
Thorncreek Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Whitley Co.   34,000
Tippecanoe Environmental Lake and Watershed Repair, Kosciusko Co.   75,000
Tippecanoe Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Marshall Co.   10,000
Tipton County Library, Cicero Twp., Tipton   25,000
Town Center Building Renovation, Long Beach, LaPorte Co.   25,000
Town Hall Addition, Michiana Shores, LaPorte Co.   10,000
Town Hall, Clear Lake Twp., Clear Lake, Steuben Co.   5,000
Town Hall, Van Buren, Grant Co.   60,000
Town of Claypool, Kosciusko Co.   20,000
Twelve Mile Volunteer Fire Dept., Adams Twp., Cass Co.   100,000
Union Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., St. Joseph Co.   40,000
Uniondale Street Repair, Wells Co.   25,000
VanBuren Volunteer Fire Dept., VanBuren, Grant Co.   90,000
Wabash County 4-H Fairgrounds, North Manchester   50,000
Wabash Landing Redevelopment Project, West Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co.   125,000
Walnut Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., New Ross, Montgomery Co.   50,000
Warren Community Center, Huntington Co.   10,000
Washington & Pike Township Fire Depts., Marion Co.   155,626
Washington Twp. Fire Dept., Hendricks Co.   30,000
Washington Twp. Fire Dept., Morgan Co.   30,000
Washington Twp. Parks Project, Hendricks Co.   30,000
Washington Twp. Schools, Capital Improvements, Marion Co.   50,000
Washington Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Allen Co.   34,000
Washington Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Porter Co.   30,000
Wayne Township Board, Maintenance Facility, Marion Co.   30,000
Wayne Township VFD Training Campus Projects, Marion Co.   75,000
Wayne Twp. Fire Department, Hamilton Co.   35,000
Wayne Twp. VFD Burn Building Project, Marion Co.   15,000
Wea Township Fire Department, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co.   25,000
WFST Fire Board, Franklin Twp., Butler, DeKalb Co.   5,000
WFST Fire Board, Stafford Twp., Butler, DeKalb Co.   5,000
WFST Fire Board, Troy Twp., Hamilton, DeKalb Co.   5,000
WFST Fire Board, Wilmington Twp., Butler, DeKalb Co.   5,000
White River Corridor Project, Muncie, Delaware Co.   100,000
White River Twp. Fire Dept., Greenwood, Johnson Co.   200,000
White River Twp. Park, Johnson Co.   50,000
Whitely County 4-H Fairgrounds   45,000
Winona Lake Fire Dept., Kosciusko County   25,000
Ye Olde Central House, Jackson Twp., Napoleon, Ripley Co.   5,000
YMCA, Center Twp., LaPorte, LaPorte Co.   50,000
Youth Sports Complex, Washington Twp., Greensburg, Decatur Co.   10,000
Zanesville Town Building, Allen Co.   25,000
Elberfelt Fire Gear, Warrick County   20,000
Johnson County 4-H Fair Ground Expansion Project   50,000
Aboite Township Parks Department   100,000
Adams County Emergency Medical Service   5,000
Alexandria Community Center   50,000
Allen Co. forensic and tissue procurement center   75,000
Allen County Courthouse   200,000
Allen County Historical Society   150,000
Amboy Park Improvement Project, Miami County   10,000
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum   250,000
Aurora YMCA/Aurora Middle School Redevelopment   100,000
Avon Town Hall, Hendricks County   20,000
Bargersville Town Hall, Johnson County   25,000
Imagination Station   24,000
Bartholomew fairgrounds improvement program   200,000
Beaver Township Bldg   80,000
Bedford -- elevator ADA compliance   75,000
Bedford Courthouse Plaza Renovation   200,000
Bedford-- Lawrence County Courthouse Renovation P3   200,000
Beech Grove Library   20,000
Ben Davis Youth Athletic Association   75,000
Berne -- new fire station   100,000
Bluffton, Wells County   50,000
Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds Renovation   40,000
Bowser Housing Development Recreation Center   50,000
Brazil YMCA   30,000
Broad Ripple Central Canal Revitalization Project   475,000
Cambridge City capital improvements   25,000
Cardinal Greenway Riverwalk Connection   50,000
Cardinal Greenway Sweetser Connection   50,000
Carnegie Public Library, Angola, Steuben Co.   10,000
Carson Park Improvements   306,000
Cass County Fairgrounds   150,000
Cedar Lake Enhancement Project   200,000
Centre Township Trustee Property Acquisition   75,000
Chandler Sidewalk Repair   50,000
Churubusco Town Park Project, Whitley County   10,000
Cicero Parks Department, Hamilton County   25,000
Civitan Children's Center   50,000
Clarksburg Community center   100,000
Clay Township, St. Joseph County Park Improvements   100,000
Clear Lake - construction of town hall   50,000
Clinton Co. Livestock Building and Renovation Project   225,000
Columbia Twn Community Center Renovation, Connersville, Fayette Co.   5,000
Columbian Park Zoo Revitalization   10,000
Court House Restoration, Bluffton, Wells County   25,000
Crawfordsville Police Station   200,000
Crown Point -- Old Sheriff's House Restoration   150,000
Daleville Community Library, Salem Township, Delaware Co.   10,000
Daybreak Children's Center   25,000
Decatur County Fair Livestock Building   175,000
Decatur County West SR 46 Drainage Improvements Proj.   265,000
Decatur Women's Shelter   25,000
DeKalb Co. Airport, Auburn, DeKalb Co.   10,000
DeKalb County Airport, Jackson Twp., DeKalb Co.   10,000
Deshee pump plant modification - Brevoort Levee   50,000
Discovery Lodge   50,000
Downtown Gas City Lighting & Revitalization   50,000
Downtown Park, Gas City, Grant County   5,000
Dyer Infrastructure, water and sewer lines   100,000
Eaton public library project   90,000
Elco Theater Renovation - Elkhart   100,000
Elizabethtown VFD building repair and construction   200,000
Elkhart Municipal Airport, Elkhart Co.   200,000
Elkhart River restoration project   50,000
Elkhart, Railroad Safety Construction   50,000
Elwood City Hall Renovation   100,000
Erie Canal Levee Reconstruction   50,000
Etna Green Community Remembrance Park   40,000
Evansville Improvement Construction   100,000
Fairbanks Community Center Renovation   25,000
Fairmount -- Scott Opera House for comm. And arts   25,000
Fairmount Community Building   75,000
Fairmount Historic Museum   25,000
Fayette County Fair Improvements Expo Hall   100,000
Fire Fighters Monument   1,000,000
Fire Fighters Museum and Survive Alive   50,000
Fishers Parks Department, Hamilton County   25,000
Fort Harrison Reuse Authority - Otis Ave. Reconstruc.   500,000
Frankfort Community Library   116,500
Frankfort, Clinton County Parks and Recreation Department   10,000
Franklin - Roger D. Branigin Road Project   1,200,000
Freelandville Town Hall   75,000
Fulton County Airport   20,000
Fulton County emergency radar warning system   10,000
Gaar House Museum Renovation   125,000
Galveston community center   50,000
Garrett -- tennis courts and sports complex   25,000
Geographic Information System (GIS), Union Township, Auburn   5,000
Golay Community Center   50,000
Goshen -- renovation of Bashor Children's Home   100,000
Goshen community theatre renovation   50,000
Grand Wayne Convention Center   750,000
Grant County Juvenile Security Center   100,000
Greencastle City Hall Acquisition   100,000
Greenfield Senior Citizens Center   225,000
Greenfield-Sugar Creek Township Public Library   40,000
Greenwood Library NO APP   50,000
Greenwood Park Land Acq. - Frye Road - NO APP.   150,000
Griffin Park Improvement   25,000
Grouseland, William Henry Harrison Mansion   50,000
Guyer Opera House, Henry County   5,000
Hagerstown Downtown Improvements   15,000
Hagerstown Downtown Museum   12,000
Harmony Drainage Improvements Project   350,000
Harris Township, St. Joseph County Park Development   100,000
Hartsville Community Square Renovation   196,000
Henry County Small Child's Park   60,000
Holliday Park Nature Center   210,000
Hope South Street Improvements   50,000
Howard County 4-H Fair Pavillion, Greentown   20,000
Howe Military Academy   30,000
Huntington Co 4-H -- Heritage Hall and Hier's Park   150,000
Huntington county wide access to geographic info   100,000
Improvements, Speedway, Marion County   50,000
Indiana Football Hall of Fame   10,000
Indiana Wesleyan Area Improvement   25,000
Indianapolis Marion County Public Library   200,000
Jac-Cen-Del Comm. High School Ball Diamond Lights, Osgood/Ripley Co.   10,000
Jackson County Bell Ford Covered Bridge Stabilization   85,000
Jasonville Old City Hall Heritage Museum   40,000
Jasper County Airport   10,000
Jay County Historical Museum Renovation   20,000
Kendallville Windmill Museum   250,000
Knightstown Hoosier Gym Community Center Phase IV   125,000
Knobstone Trail Connection Project   50,000
Ladoga Normal Building Renovation Project   100,000
LaGrange Save Our Bricks   65,000
Lake Bruce Conservancy District   115,000
Lake Dalecarlia Restoration Project   70,000
Lake Edgewood Dredging and Dam Repair   75,000
LaPaz Park Department, Marshall County   7,500
LaPorte County Fairgrounds Community Building Project   10,000
LaPorte Municipal Airport Authority, LaPorte County   15,000
Larwill North Street Reconstruction   75,000
Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds Bldg and Imp. Project   125,000
Liberty Township Park Project, Wells County   20,000
Lighting Improvements, Edgewood, Madison County   10,000
Lions Club Maintenance Bldg.   30,000
Lizton Infrastructure Improvements   100,000
Long Center for the Performing Arts Renovation   300,000
Lynn Historical Museum   25,000
Lynnville Bread Ministry   9,000
Madison County 4-H Fairgrounds, Show Arena, Alexandria   10,000
Mansfield Mill   60,000
Marion Airport Project, Grant County   20,000
Marion County Fairgrounds Bleacher Replacement   500,000
Matthew 25 Homeless Shelter   25,000
McMillen Ice Arena   250,000
Medora, Jackson County   7,000
Miami County 4-H fairgrounds renovation   120,000
Mid-American Air Center Improvement Project   75,000
Milford Elementary School   4,881
Military Park, Michiana Regional Airport   75,000
Mishawaka Old Theatre Restoration Project   50,000
Monroe County Courthouse Tuckpointing Project   50,000
Monroe Youth League   10,000
Mooresville Infrastructure, Traffic Light, Brown Twp., Morgan Co.   10,000
Morocco community buildings   100,000
Mulberry Community Public Library   50,000
Nappanee Public Library Building Project   100,000
Nettle Creek Valley Museum Roof Replacement   5,000
New Beginnings   100,000
Noah's Ark Children's Village   100,000
Noblesville White River Greenway   100,000
North Judson Senior Center   100,000
North Liberty elevated water tank project   400,000
North Vernon Municipal Airport Maintenance Bldg Project   107,000
North YMCA Family Activity Center   175,000
Northwestern Consolidated School District fire well   100,000
Nyona Lake Enhancement Sediment Trap Const. Proj.   105,000
Park County Fairgrounds   25,000
Park Theatre Civic Centre   100,000
Patton Lake Dredging/Flood Control/Eagle Habitat Preservation   105,000
Pierson Township Community Center Renovation   12,500
Pimento restoration of school for community center   25,000
Prairie Township community Park   50,000
Prophetstown Museums Infrastructure Improvements   200,000
Putnam County Fairgrounds Community Building Renov.   95,000
Quilters Hall of Fame, Marion Co.   25,000
Randolph County Clock Tower Project   25,000
Randolph County Historical Museum Complex   150,000
Rensselaer Park Department, Jasper County   20,000
Richmond McBride Stadium Project   350,000
Ridgeville Grow w/Ridgeville Downtown Redevelopment   30,000
Ripley County Equine Center   150,000
Ripley County Humane Society Caretaker's House   65,000
Rocky Ripple Snow Equipment   62,000
Royal Center new town hall   50,000
Rushville Downtown Rehabilitation Project   170,000
RV Hall of Fame, Elkhart   200,000
Salamonie Elementary School Playground Imp. & Rec. Proj., Huntington Co.   5,000
Salamonie Township   5,000
Salem Police Department, Washington Twp, Washington Co.   175,000
Salem Public Library Expansion and Renovation   200,000
Shelby County Park development   100,000
Shelbyville fair grandstand renovation   45,000
Sheridan Parks Department, Hamilton County   10,000
Snow Removal Equipment, Silver Lake, Kosciusko County   60,000
Southlake Co. Resource and Community Center   150,000
Southport Community Center Addition   130,000
Southwest Way Park Improvements   494,000
Speedway Infrastructure, Sidewalks, Marion County   20,000
Speedway, Entrance to 500   100,000
Spencer-Owen Capital Improvements Project   100,000
Spring Lake restoration project   130,000
St. Joseph County Military Park Development   50,000
St. Joseph County, Juvenile Justice Center Improvements   75,000
St. Joseph County, Old Courthouse Restoration   300,000
Steuben County Municipal Airport, Angola, Steuben County   10,000
Sugar Creek Trestle   75,000
Sullivan Co. Airport Terminal Expansion   80,000
Sullivan County Fairboard Improvement Project   50,000
Sullivan County Park and Lake sewer system   75,000
Sweetser Sidewalk Project   45,000
Syracuse community center   200,000
Tipton County Library, Cicero Township, Tipton   25,000
Tourism, Henry County   10,000
Town Center Building Renovation, Long Beach, LaPorte Co.   50,000
Van Buren Town Hall Construction   125,000
Vanderburgh Co. Courthouse   30,000
Vanderburgh County German Township Community Center   30,000
Versailles Community Center   100,000
Vincennes Levee Improvement   50,000
Vincennes Park and Recreation Improvements   50,000
Vincennes Soccer Field Renovation   30,000
Wabash Co. 4-H electrical and general repairs   150,000
Wabash County Museum   100,000
Wabash Landing Parking Facility   350,000
Wabash River Heritage Corridor   5,000,000
Wabash Valley Fair Association New Restrooms   100,000
Wakarusa Historical Society, Elkhart Co.   15,000
Wallace Infrastructure Improvements   100,000
Washington Township Building   115,000
Washington Township Parks Project, Hendricks County   10,000
Wayne County Museum   8,000
Western Wayne Heights Vinton House stabilization   37,000
Whitley County 4-H Community Building Renovation   150,000
Whitley County Industrial Park Capital Improvement Project   250,000
Wilkinson Sidewalk Repair   30,000
Williamport Water Tank   75,000
Windfall Park Development   100,000
Winfield Community center   50,000
Wishard Burn Unit   500,000
Elkhart Women's Shelter   75,000
World Police and Fire Games   2,500,000
Ye Olde Central House, Jackson Township, Napoleon, Ripley Co.   3,000
Youth Sports Complex, Washington Twp., Greensburg, Decatur Co.   10,000
Zanesville Municipal Building   25,000
Zionsville Infrastructure   500,000
Abington Township Fire truck   125,000
Advance fire truck   125,000
Amboy rescue pumper project   125,000
Attica Volunteer Fire Department Fire Safety Apparatus   100,000
Beaver Township Fire Dept. and Community Bldg   150,000
Berne -- new fire station   100,000
Blountsville/Stoney Creek VFD Tanker/Pumper Fire Truck   125,000
Brown/Vernon Fire Pumper Truck   75,000
Bryant VFD fire station improvements   75,000
Cadiz-Harrison Township Fire Station and Bldg Equip.   125,000
Chester Township Fire Station   100,000
Chester Township Fire Truck   125,000
Clarksburg addition to firehouse/community center   50,000
Clay Township Truck Replacement   50,000
Clinton Township Pumper Truck   75,000
Crawfordsville -- new police station   200,000
Dallas Township Fire Station   60,000
Darlington VFD - New Fire Station   100,000
Dillsboro life squad emergency unit   30,000
Dillsboro VFD Rescue/Support Truck   30,000
Dugger Fire Station Project   75,000
Eagle Township VFD Fire Protection Equipment   100,000
Orange Emergency Response System   56,000
Fairbanks Township brush truck/rescue truck   45,000
Fillmore VFD extrication equip.   22,800
Fowler-Center Township Volunteer Fire Department Truck   125,000
Freelandville Fire Station and Town Hall   75,000
Freelandville Vol. Fire Dept. pumper replacement   100,000
Friendship Volunteer Fire Department   75,000
Fulton County CairnsIRIS Thermal Imaging Helmets   25,000
Fulton County emergency radar warning system   10,000
Fulton County Fire Department Fire Truck   100,000
Geneva -- turnout gear   15,834
Hagerstown Fire and Rescue Truck   75,000
Hagerstown fire equipment   100,000
Hamilton Township Fire Station   100,000
Hamilton Township VFD Tanker Replacement   75,000
Jackson, Licking, Washington Township pumper truck   125,000
Jay County Fire Department Radio Project   50,000
Jefferson Township VFD addition   50,000
JUGA -Bellmore Fire Station New Construction Project   75,000
Kennard Pumper fire apparatus and equipment   125,000
Knightstown Fire Truck   125,000
Lafayette Trench Rescue Unit   100,000
Lawrenceburg Emergency Service Facility   100,000
Lewis Township Tanker and Building Renovation   40,000
Lewis Township VFD Tanker/Rescue Equipment   50,000
Ligonier Fire Rescue Truck   50,000
Lima Township, Howe New Fire Truck Pumper   125,000
Mentone FD CairnsIRIS Thermal Imaging Equip.   25,000
Miami Township VFD Tanker replacement/upgrade   75,000
Milan Volunteer Fire Department   50,000
Mongo Vol. Fire Dept. 3000 gallon tanker/pumper   125,000
Moral Township -- New Fire Department   125,000
Morocco fire dept. and community buildings   150,000
Morris Fire Department   45,000
Needham Vol Fire Dept. Replacement of mini-pumper   100,000
New Lisbon VFD Grass Rescue Truck   50,000
New Ross Fire Station   100,000
Noble Township 2100 gallon tanker-pumper   75,000
Oolitic Fire and Rescue equipment   65,000
Orland Community Volunteer Fire Department   75,000
Parker City Fire Station Property Acquisition   50,000
Penn Township St. Joseph County Volunteer Fire Dep. Eq   30,000
Perry Township VFD Fire Rescue Truck   125,000
Perry Twp. Marion County - Fire Truck   125,000
Portage Township Pumper Tanker Truck   125,000
Posey Township Fire Tanker Pumper   35,000
Prairie Township VFD Fire Truck and Emergency Eq   100,000
Putnam County Emergency Warning System   35,000
Randolph County EMS Ambulance   35,000
Randolph Township fire truck   125,000
Richland Township new fire control unit   40,000
Richmond Police Computerization for Mobile Units   100,000
Richmond Police Video Recorders for Mobile Units   50,000
Ridgeville Fire and Rescue Building and Equipment   50,000
Ridgeville Firehouse Building   100,000
Rochester Fire Department   102,000
Scott Township VFD Equipment Renovation   17,914
Scott Township VFD Station Renovation   6,000
Shelburn Communications and Equip. upgrade   50,000
Shelbyville Fire Station   125,000
Shipshewana Volunteer Fire Department   100,000
Silver Lake backhoe with Tractor   50,000
Silver Lake Fire Truck   125,000
Silver Lake Truck with Plow   30,000
Spiceland Township Fire Truck   125,000
St. Joseph County, Police Radio Equipment Upgrade   30,000
Stilesville VFD Fire Station/Community Bldg/Town Hall   50,000
Sullivan Ladder Fire Truck   125,000
Tippecanoe County Volunteer Fire Dept. Radio Equip.   150,000
Topeka Vol. Fire Dept. pumper and equip, upgrade   75,000
Union Township Zionsville FD Water Tanker Truck   125,000
Van Buren VFD tanker-pumper truck   125,000
Walton Community VFD Fire and Rescue Station   50,000
Washington Township Fire Station   115,000
White River Twp., Johnson County Fire Truck   100,000
Whiteland Firefighting Equipment and Extrication Equip.   50,000
Winfield Fire Facility/community center   75,000
Winona Lake Water Tanker truck   100,000
Worth Township VFD Fire Station   100,000
Hymera Park Project   75,000

TOTAL LOCAL PROJECTS                 89,138,555