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Budget Information


The State Budget Agency is charged with the duty and responsibility of serving as fiscal analyst, administrative budget officer, fiscal forecaster and fiscal policy advisor to the Governor. By statute, the Governor appoints the State Budget Director and two Deputy Directors.

The Budget Agency facilitates the processes of revenue forecasting and budget development and implementation.  The agency is also responsible for evaluating the fiscal and policy impacts of legislative proposals and making this information available to decision makers.  Each biennium, the agency compiles fiscal data from state agencies and works with the legislature to develop the State’s budget.

At the Governor’s request, the legislature created the Office of Management and Budget, effectively bringing together the financial and auditing functions of the state.  The Budget Agency is but one entity that falls under the purview of the Office of Management and Budget.

More information about the State Budget Agency can be found in Title 4, Article 12, Chapter 1 of the Indiana Code.