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PLA Digital Certification

Welcome to the State of Indiana Online Verification Service. Please be aware that the state of Indiana does not mail or email verifications to you or to anyone else on your behalf.

This service provides you with a digitally certified verification, which can be used as proof of licensure when applying to another state. The total fee for this service is $10.60.

Mobile devices are not recommended for this process. Laptop or desktop computers are recommended for the file to download properly. Digitally certified license records are delivered and viewable in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please follow the instructions below carefully and if you encounter any issues, contact PLA immediately, as refunds will not be issued.

  1. Pay for the license digital certification.
  2. Click "Click here to receive your PLA Certified PDF"
  3. Click "Continue" to download the certification. Do not leave this page or the session will expire before the certification can be downloaded.
  4. Use the Save button and the document will save to your Downloads folder on your computer. - Do Not use the “Save As” feature, if prompted. If you do, you may invalidate the certified PDF and will need to repurchase the document.
  5. You may open the document when prompted by the second dialog box to view the license record.
  6. Finally, attach the downloaded Certified PDF to an email and send directly to the state licensing board requiring the verification.

Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses must use NURSYS for verification purposes.

Effective July 1, 2023, Veterinarian licenses and Registered Veterinary Technicians are governed by the Board of Animal Health.  Please go to for more information on obtaining a digital certification of your license.

Continue to the State of Indiana Online Verification Service

* The Online Verification Service is the only way to obtain official verification of licensure. Verification requests and payments received in office will be returned to sender.

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