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Functional Class

Functional Class is a way of inventorying the ways roads function. NIRPC is currently finishing a year long process to update the current classification for the Northwest Indiana Area.

Click HERE to see Interactive Functional Class Map.

Download PDF versions of the Functional Class Maps for Lake CountyPorter County, and LaPorte County

Breakdown of Classes

Arterials (Roads that hold through traffic. They take traffic from one side of town to another, one side of the county to another, or one side of the state to another)

  • Interstate – These are controlled access highways with interstate numbers. They are symbolized as blue on the map. Examples are the I-90/I-80 toll way or I-65.
  • Other Freeway or Expressway – These are controlled access highways without interstate numbers. They are symbolized as brown on the map. One example is Cline Ave north of I-94/ I-80.
  • Principal Arterial – These are major throughways that provide the best connectivity from one place to another, but are not controlled access. They are symbolized as red on the map. Example include US-30, US-20, Michigan Blvd in Michigan City, or Indianapolis Blvd in Hammond.
  • Minor Arterial – Minor Arterials also hold through traffic, but are best for connecting closer areas. They generally have slower speed limits and more curb cuts. They are green on the map. Examples include Sheffield in Dyer, Meridian Road in Porter County, and Johnson Road in LaPorte County.

Collectors (Roads that collect traffic from the local roads and put them on to the arterials.)

  • Major Collector – These roads collect local traffic. They are used more often than local roads, and have better connectivity than local roads. They are purple on the map. Examples include Greenwood Ave in Michigan City, Division Road in Porter County, and 35th Street in Gary.
  • Minor Collector – These roads are a lot like Major Collectors, except they connect less roads than a Major Collector would. These are yellow on the map. Some examples are Manor Ave in Munster, Burdick Road in Porter County, and Jackson St in Michigan City.

Local Roads (These are all roads that we haven’t classified.) – These carry local traffic. They could be around residential or business oriented areas.

The guidance from the Federal Highways Administration is located HERE

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