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Bulletins, Banner Pages and Reference Modules

Important announcements regarding Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) policies and procedures are made in IHCP bulletins and (through June 13, 2023) IHCP banner pages. The information is then incorporated into applicable provider reference modules during regularly scheduled updates.

Use the search tool below to locate bulletins, banner pages and provider reference modules that contain a given term or phrase. You can also follow the links on this page to access all current provider reference modules as well as current and past bulletins and banner pages.

Note: For IHCP news announcements about upcoming events and other timely information, as well as communications published by the managed care entities (MCEs) that partner with the IHCP, see the Current News page.

Provider Reference Search

Topical searches across all bulletins, banner pages and/or reference modules may be completed by entering a word or phrase in the box below and clicking the search button. You will be taken to a new page with a list of results that contain the requested term(s). Click a link in the results to access the desired document.

Search results include current provider reference modules as well as bulletins and banner pages published on or after Jan. 1, 2020. For historical purposes, bulletins, banner pages and newsletters issued before 2020 are accessible from the IHCP Bulletin ArchiveIHCP Banner Page Archive and IHCP Newsletter Archive pages.

IHCP Bulletins

IHCP bulletins notify providers of new and revised policies, program changes and information about special initiatives.

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IHCP Banner Pages

The IHCP banner page was published on Tuesdays until it was retired June 13, 2023. This publication featured articles about IHCP billing and claim-processing issues, opportunities for provider education, and program reminders. These topics are now covered within IHCP bulletins.

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IHCP Provider Reference Modules

For information about IHCP policies and procedures, including guidance on provider enrollment, billing, reimbursement and more, refer to the IHCP provider reference module appropriate to the topic of interest.

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Provider News & Events

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