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Maintaining Your IHCP Provider Enrollment

The information that identifies and describes an enrolled Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) provider is called a provider profile. The provider profile includes the information provided in an original enrollment application. Providers are responsible for keeping all the information in the provider profile up to date. Providers are encouraged to update their provider profile via the IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal. The following maintenance is required:

  • When information changes (for example, changes to license information, contact information, name or address, or the disclosed individuals for organizations), providers are required to submit a profile update to the IHCP within 10 business days. See the Update Your Provider Profile page for more information.
  • Providers must maintain an active license and/or certification to remain enrolled in the IHCP. See the Recertify Provider Enrollment Licenses and Other Certifications page for more information.
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires state Medicaid programs to revalidate provider enrollments at regular intervals based on provider type and specialty. See the Provider Enrollment Revalidation page for more information.
  • Providers may voluntarily disenroll from the IHCP at any time. See the Disenroll From the IHCP page for more information.

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