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IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal Training

Providers can enroll in the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) online using the IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal (IHCP Portal). For enrolled providers, the IHCP Portal offers access to a range of functions through a secure, registered account, as described on the IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal page.

The IHCP offers a number of resources to help providers take full advantage of the many features available on the IHCP Portal. The following training tools have been developed to help provider representatives and authorized delegates learn how to use the portal.

Web-Based Training for the IHCP Portal

Training is offered in a web-based format to allow self-directed, self-paced online learning at the convenience of all IHCP Portal users. Registration is not required to access these trainings.

The full complement of web-based training sessions will walk you through the IHCP Portal from start to finish:

Quick Reference Guides for the IHCP Portal

The following guides offer a quick reference with step-by-step procedures for specific functions within the IHCP Portal:

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