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Portal Links for Providers

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) contracts with a number of contractors to perform functions such as provider enrollment, eligibility verification, prior authorization, claim processing, transportation brokerage, long-term care oversight and pharmacy benefit management. Many IHCP contractors offer online portals for providers. Registration is generally required. Providers can use the links in the colored boxes below to quickly access and log in to the applicable portal for the function they need to perform.

Note: For portals used by IHCP managed care entities, see the Managed Care section of the IHCP Quick Reference Guide.

IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal

  • Apply to become an IHCP provider or update your existing IHCP enrollment information.
  • Verify member eligibility.
  • Submit FFS, nonpharmacy claims to Gainwell Technologies and view payment information.
  • Submit Presumptive Eligibility (PE) applications.
  • Submit Notifications of Pregnancy (NOPs) for managed care members.
  • Perform Right Choices Program (RCP) primary medical provider (PMP) functions.

To enroll in the IHCP, go to the IHCP Portal linked above and click Provider Enrollment. To register an account on the IHCP Portal, click Register Now.

See the Provider Healthcare Portal page for more information.

Acentra Health Atrezzo Provider Portal

  • Submit, view and update FFS nonpharmacy prior authorization (PA) requests.

See the Prior Authorization page and Acentra Health's Indiana Medicaid page for more information.

(Note: Due to Kepro merging with CNSI, Kepro has officially changed its name to Acentra Health.)

Sandata Portal

  • Perform electronic visit verification (EVV) functions for personal care and home health services.

See the Electronic Visit Verification page and the Sandata website for more information. Providers can also use the Sandata Zendesk for education and information.

(Note: Sandata is the IHCP state-sponsored system; some providers may choose to use an alternate EVV system, which will have its own portal.)

Verida Provider Portal

  • Schedule nonemergency medical transportation (NEMT) trips for FFS members.*
  • Submit NEMT claims for FFS members.*

* Excludes NEMT services that are exempt from the brokerage requirement, including – for dates of service on or after July 1, 2023 – advanced life support (ALS) and basic life support (BLS) nonemergency ambulance transports, as well as all NEMT for nursing facility residents.

See the Nonemergency Medical Transportation page and Verida’s Indiana Transportation Providers page for more information.

(Note: The portal linked above is for IHCP transportation providers. Separate portals exist for IHCP facilities and members to schedule brokered NEMT services: Verida Facility Portal and Verida Member Portal.)

Long-Term Care Web Portal

  • Submit long-term care (LTC) cost reports to Myers and Stauffer.

Instructions for how to register are on the Myers and Stauffer Indiana Long-Term Care page, under Web Portal > Forms.

See the Long-Term Care page and the Myers and Stauffer Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning page for more information.

(Note: Meyers and Stauffer also offers an MDS Web Portal for submitting case-mix reports. Users should contact the Myers and Stauffer Help Desk at 317-816-4122 for registration.)

Optum Rx Portal

  • View enrollee eligibility and demographic information for the Indiana Medicaid FFS pharmacy benefit.
  • View details for FFS pharmacy claims.

For information about registering for and logging into the portal, click the Provider Login quick link on the Optum Rx Indiana Medicaid website.

See the Pharmacy Benefits page for more information.

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