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IHCP Quick Reference Guide

The best way to find the right person to answer your question is to check the IHCP Quick Reference Guide. Whether your question relates to members or providers, or you are looking for answers about claims, provider enrollment, pharmacy, or managed care, the IHCP Quick Reference Guide can help. The quick reference also provides the telephone number for IHCP Customer Service.

Policy Consideration Requests

The IHCP has a specific process for members, providers, or other interested parties wanting to submit a request for policy consideration. You may submit a Policy Consideration Request to add coverage for a specific medical code, revise a provider code set, revise a current medical policy, or seek resolution to a general question or concern.

Claim-Related Inquiries

For contact information to inquire about fee-for-service (FFS) electronic and paper claims, see the IHCP Quick Reference Guide.

Note: The name of the FFS contractor for the IHCP has changed from DXC Technology to Gainwell Technologies. Updates will be made across this website over the coming months.

The Gainwell Technologies Written Correspondence staff is available to research issues for providers experiencing difficulty in receiving FFS claim payments. Inquiries can be submitted via email or secure correspondence on the IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal (Portal). Please note that corrected claim forms and requests for hearings and appeals cannot be submitted via email but should be submitted through secure correspondence on the Portal or via standard mail. See the IHCP Quick Reference Guide for the mailing address.

Your Gainwell Provider Relations consultant can also help with questions about FFS claim submission (including using the Portal) and general problem solving.

For information about managed care claims, contact the managed care entity with which the member is enrolled (see the IHCP Quick Reference Guide for contact information). You may also contact the managed care network's provider relations representative for your area:

EDI Claims Assistance

For help with submitting claims via electronic data interchange (EDI), contact INXIXElectronicSolution@dxc.com or call the EDI Solutions Help Desk at 1-800-457-4584, Option 3, then Option 2.

Provider Healthcare Portal Technical Assistance

For assistance with technical issues related to Portal access, call the IHCP Portal Help Desk at 1-800-457-4584, Option 3, then Option 3.

Provider Enrollment Inquiries

If you have questions about IHCP provider enrollment, enrollment status, or provider profile updates, call Customer Assistance at 1-800-457-4584 and select the option for provider enrollment inquiries. Your Gainwell Provider Relations field consultant may also be able to assist with enrollment questions.

IHCP-enrolled providers should direct questions about joining any of the managed care health plan networks directly to the managed care entity (MCE) of interest. See the IHCP Quick Reference Guide for MCE contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please review the top 10 frequently asked questions.

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