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Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE)

The Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP) Program Integrity's Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) program helps with claim errors and denials by providing one-on-one assistance to selected providers without overpayment collection. The OMPP Program Integrity’s TPE program mirrors the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) TPE program.

Indiana initiated TPE as an additional audit tool to reduce costs related to improper payments and appeals, thereby reducing provider burden through one-on-one help. The TPE team selects providers for targeted review based on data analysis of claim errors – either in general or specific to a particular topic of concern. Providers selected for TPE will receive a notification letter that provides details about the TPE program, including record requests and documentation submission procedures.

Providers are required to notify the OMPP Program Integrity of a delegated associate from their facility who will serve as a contact for TPE correspondence. Having a delegated associate allows more efficient communication for answering any questions or responding to requests for additional information during the TPE review. Providers are requested to submit the contact information to the shared email address. Please include the contact name, provider name, provider number, case number, contact email address and phone number.

More Information

More information about the Indiana Medicaid TPE program is available via the following links:

To contact OMPP Program Integrity and TPE auditors, send an email (secure email if including protected health information [PHI]) to:

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