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Family Planning Eligibility Program

The Family Planning Eligibility Program provides family planning services to qualifying individuals, per Indiana Code IC 12-15-46Medicaid Waivers and State Plan Amendments.

The family planning eligibility category includes individuals, regardless of age or gender, who:

  • Do not qualify for any other IHCP aid category
  • Are not pregnant
  • Have not had a hysterectomy or sterilization
  • Meet income criteria (family income at or below 141% of the federal poverty level)
  • Are U.S. citizens, certain lawful permanent residents or certain qualified documented aliens

Under this benefit plan, members receive coverage only for services and supplies related to family planning, such as contraceptives, sterilization, and initial diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.*

The program is delivered through the fee-for-service delivery system.

For more information, see the Family Planning Eligibility Program provider reference module.

*Note: In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency, Family Planning Eligibility Program coverage has been expanded to include certain services related to COVID-19 vaccination, testing and diagnosis. This expanded coverage is temporary and, when deemed appropriate, these services will no longer be covered for Family Planning Eligibility Program members.

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