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Indiana Constitution

The present-day document, which was enacted in 1851, is the state's second constitution. It replaced Indiana's first constitution of 1816. The 1851 state constitution has had numerous amendments since its adoption. View the current Indiana Constitution online, through the Indiana General Assembly webpage:

Books & Pamphlets

IND. 342.772 K43ca Volumes 1-6 (copies also at IND. REF. 342.772 K43ca)
Constitution Making in Indiana: a source book of constitutional documents with historical introduction and critical notes. Charles Kettleborough. (reprinted)
First four volumes available online: v. 1. 1780-1851v. 2. 1851-1916v. 3. 1916-1930v. 4. 1930-1960
Print only: v. 5. 1961-1970; v. 6. 1971-1980. Edited by Marcia J. Oddi; published by Indiana Legislative Council

IND. 342.772 I385T
Constitutions of 1816 and 1851 of the State of Indiana and Amendments / issued by the Indiana Department of State (Library has 1888, 1891, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1902)

IND. 342.772 I385C
Constitution of the State of Indiana and of the United States / issued by the Legislative Bureau (Library has 1913, 1916, 1917, 1922, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1944, 1947, 1954, 1957, 1960, 1962)

IND. 342.772 I385CAA
Amendments to the Constitution of the State of Indiana / issued by Legislative Bureau, 1967 (Contains amendments adopted between 1873 and 1966 to the 1851 Constitution)

IND. 342.772 U58D
The Declaration of Independence : the United States Constitution. The Indiana Constitution / provided by Indiana Attorney General (Library has 1975, 1977, 1981, 1997, 1999, 2001)

1816 Constitution and Related Materials

1816 Indiana Constitution (online images of Indiana State Archives' original copy)

Indiana’s Constitution of 1816 (complete text as originally written)

IND. Vault 342.772 I385C
Journal of the convention of the Indiana territory. (1816)

[Vault] IND.PAM. 342.772 NO. 1
Constitution of the State of Indiana: adopted in convention at Corydon on the 29th of June, A.D. 1816, and of the independence of the United States, the fortieth. December 6, 1816 (Washington, Printed by W.A. Davis, 1816)
(Available online from Indiana Historical Society)

IND.PAM. 342.772 NO. 35
Constitution of the state of Indiana, adopted in convention, June 29, 1816. (Printed by J.B. Chapman, 1850)

IND.PAM. 342.772 NO. 45|
Indiana's first constitution (1816.) (Indiana Historical Bureau, 1959)

IND. 342.772 I385t
The 1816 Constitution of the State of Indiana. (Indiana Supreme Court, 2007)

IND.PAM. 977.201 H318 NO. 20
The constitutional elm, Corydon, Indiana, written…from the notes of…Mary Jane Griffin / Frederick Porter Griffin. (1974)

IND.PAM. 342.772 NO. 57
The Indiana Gazette, June 29, 1816, Corydon, Indiana [special edition] / Public Service Company of Indiana. (1966) Sesquicentennial edition

1851 Constitution and Related Materials

1851 Indiana Constitution (online images of Indiana State Archives' original copy)

Constitution of 1851 as originally written (complete text online)

IND.PAM. 342.772 NO. 41
Constitution of the state of Indiana and the address of the constitutional convention, 1851.
(Available online at HathiTrust)

IND. 342.772 I51D
Report of the debates and proceedings of the convention for the revision of the constitution of the State of Indiana. (1850)
(Volume 1 online ; Volume 2 online)

IND. 342.772 I51jo
Journal of the Convention of the people of the State of Indiana, to amend the constitution,  Assembled at Indianapolis, October, 1850. (1936 reprint)
(Copy also at IND.REF. 342.772 I51jo; also online)

IND. 342.772 I51jo INDEX
Index to the Journal and Debates of the Indiana Constitutional convention, 1850-1851. (1938)
(Copy also at IND.REF. 342.772 I51jo INDEX; also online at HathiTrust)

IND.PAM. 342.772 NO. 39 [Oct. 11, 1850]
Rules and orders for the government of the convention to revise, alter and amend the constitution of Indiana; October 11th, 1850. (1850)

IND.PAM. 342.772 NO. 39 [Oct. 14, 1850]
Rules and orders for the government of the convention to revise, alter and amend the constitution of Indiana; October 14th, 1850.  (1850)

IND.PAM. 815 H747 NO. 41
The Constitutional Convention of 1850-'51. The reforms it accomplished. Address of Hon. William S. Holman at the reunion of the surviving delegates to the convention of 1850 at Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 5-6, 1885. (1886)
(Available online at HathiTrust)

IND.PAM. 342.772 no. 63
Indiana's century old constitution / State Constitution Centennial Commission, 1951.

IND. 342.772 I385I
The Indiana Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851 / Donald F. Carmony (2009)

Rare Books & Manuscripts Collections

Constitution of Indiana 1816. S1811
Constitutions, Indiana. S1116
Constitution of Indiana 1851.  S394, S1375, S2538, S1116
Constitution of Indiana, revision of 1851.  L47
Indiana-Constitutional Convention, 1850-51.  L42, L62, L123, S1502
Constitution of Indiana, Amendments.  L18, L100
Indiana Constitution collection, 1851-1911 (OBC36 Finding Aid available)
Constitutional Convention collection, 1917 (S1502 Finding Aid available)


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