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State Constitutions

Indiana's first constitution, 1816

Indiana's Constitution of 1851 in its original form—with signature pages

The University of Michigan Digital Library Test Collection includes the two volume set of the Report of the Debates and Proceedings of the Convention for the Revision of the Constitution of the State of Indiana 1850. These volumes are fully searchable and may be purchased (print on demand) via the University of Michigan "Scholarly Publishing Office". (The pages take some time to load.)

Current Indiana Constitution as Amended 2018

Indiana Code 

Indiana's Road to Statehood - Documents leading to statehood

Courts in the Classroom

Curriculum Concepts and Other Resources on Indiana's Court for the K-12 Educator (including watching oral arguments, seeing featured cases, learning the history of Indiana courts, and the structure of Indiana courts lesson plans.

Indiana Supreme Court Index of Webcasts.

Essays on Indiana's constitutions: