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Collections - State Constitutions

1816 Constitution

1851 Constitution

Approved in Convention at Indianapolis, February 10, 1851
Adopted by the Electorate, effective November 1, 1851

This is Indiana's current constitution, with subsequent amendments by the state legislature. The original is located at the State Archives.

Current text of the Indiana Constitution - located at the website of the Indiana General Assembly.

Road to Indiana Statehood Exhibit

Be sure to visit the Road to Indiana Statehood. This online exhibit features images of both the 1816 and 1851 constitutions, as well as other important early statehood documents.


Contact the Indiana State Archives.

Note: When sending an email to the Indiana State Archives, please be sure to include a very clear subject heading, i.e, Civil War, Soldier's Home, Hospital Records, Morton Telegrams, etc. Emails without a clear subject heading may be mistaken as spam or a potential virus and be filtered out automatically. If you have not received an initial response from the Indiana State Archives within a few weeks, please resubmit your request.