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Indiana Jake Laird Law (Red Flag Law)

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  • Current: Indiana Jake Laird Law (Red Flag Law)

Earlier this month, Governor Holcomb asked that information related to IC 35-47-14, more commonly referred to in Indiana as the “Jake Laird Law” and nationally as the “Red Flag Law”, be made available to all law enforcement agencies in Indiana.  As you will recall, this law addresses circumstances where it would be appropriate for a police officer to take custody of a citizen’s firearms, by way of a warrant, or immediately when exigent circumstances are present and it can be clearly articulated the safety of the public was in jeopardy.

Indiana is but one of a handful of States in our nation that has this type of a law, and you can expect other States will begin to pass similar laws the result of the tragic loss of life in Parkland, Florida.

Additionally, when a judge signs a Jake Laird order, the order may be forwarded to the FBI as a NICS disqualifier to prevent the person from making future purchases from a licensed firearm dealer, provided that the order specifically prohibits the individual from purchasing, possessing, or acquiring firearms.

Please take time to review the information presented below. You will find a PowerPoint program that can be downloaded and provided as ILEA accredited training for members of your department.  There also is a link to a quick reference field guide that further details specific information about the law.

Additionally, we have made available a copy of the letter from Governor Holcomb that was sent to all members of the Indiana House and Senate.

Thank you for taking time to familiarize yourself and your officers with this most important information.

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