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The Methamphetamine Suppression Section began organization in June of 2005 after the passing of Senate Enrolled Act 444 relating to the sales restrictions placed on pseudoephedrine products, the Meth Watch program, and the Indiana Drug Endangered Children (DEC) protocol.  MSS became full-time in January of 2006 when 16 full time investigators and two squad sergeants were added to the initial personnel assigned, bringing the total full time manpower to 23.  MSS currently includes 19 full time personnel and an additional 111 volunteer clandestine lab team members.

The mission of the Meth Suppression Section is to pro-actively investigate methamphetamine crimes in communities all over the state of Indiana.  MSS utilizes a three pronged approach by focusing on creating partnerships, education, and enforcement.

In addition to the Indiana State Police personnel, approximately 170 police officers in cities and counties all over the state are certified to process clandestine labs.  The certification is very labor-intensive and expensive.  To be certified to process labs, an officer must attend a 40 hour certification training class, be provided and utilize specific personal protective equipment, be subject to a medical monitoring and respiratory protection program, complete 24 hours of on the job training, and complete 8 hours of refresher training each year to maintain the certification.  While processing clandestine meth labs an officer must provide a safe environment to remediate the bulk chemicals while providing the appropriate site safety, field testing, and sampling to provide the crime scene investigation necessary to prosecute suspects.