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Chief Public Information Officer

Captain Ronald GalavizFirst Sergeant
Chief Public Information OfficerAssistant Chief Public Information Officer
Twitter pageTwitter page
Assistant Chief Public Information Officer
Captain David R. Bursten

The Chief Public Information Officer directs media and public relations for the department. The Chief PIO also coordinates the writing, editing and production of materials released to the media and for use by the department, other law enforcement agencies, and the public. The Chief PIO reports directly to the Superintendent and Chief of Staff as a member of the Superintendent’s Personal Staff, and is supported in his duties by the Assistant Chief Public Information Officer.


The Chief Public Information Officer's duties include:

  • Responding to media inquiries about Department activities;
  • Conducting press conferences and various other public meetings;
  • Providing staff support and counsel to district PIO personnel;
  • Primary oversight of all Department social media content;
  • Facilitate development of agency publications, news releases and educational material;
  • Preparing reports, speeches, copy, scripts and other written communications;
  • Facilitate development of Department public information and educational campaigns;
  • Facilitate coordination of photographic and audio-visual content of Department materials;
  • Oversight of the Indiana State Police Youth Camps;
  • Directing the management of the Indiana State Police Museum.

Subordinate Elements

The Chief Public Information Officer provides guidance and direction to the following subordinate elements of the Indiana State Police:

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