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Renew a License to Carry

Welcome to the Indiana State Police online handgun license renewal portal. This page will provide an overview of the renewal application process, and a link to get started online.

To renew an Indiana Handgun License:

Step 1:
Complete a Handgun License Application online at the Indiana State Police Handgun Licensing Portal.

Step 2:
Schedule an appointment to submit your fingerprints electronically at a location convenient to you.

ATTENTION: Due to the high volume in application submissions, you may experience delays in scheduling your fingerprint appointment online. If you are experiencing trouble scheduling a fingerprint appointment for your firearms permit or have a complaint about the firearms permit fingerprint process please call the Indiana Department of Administration at 1-877-472-6917

Step 3:
Complete local law enforcement (sheriff or municipal police) agency processing within 90 days.


*** Service Unavailable ***

The Indiana State Police Handgun Licensing Portal is temporarily unavailable.

Please try again later.

Local Processing Required!

Within 90 days you MUST visit your local law enforcement agency and bring your:

  • Handgun License Application Number
  • Local fee payment

Your application WILL EXPIRE 90 days after you submit the application online. If your application expires, you must update your status:

  1. Sign in to the Indiana State Police Handgun Licensing Portal.
  2. Follow the prompts for duplicate/status update.

After you complete Step 1, you will have only 90 days to complete Steps 2 and 3. Once all of the above steps are completed, your application will be electronically transmitted to ISP for final review.

If your application is approved, your permit will be sent to you via U.S. Mail.

If your application is rejected, you will be notified via U.S. Mail and will receive instructions on how to file an appeal.

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