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Size & Weight Enforcement

A primary responsibility of the division is the enforcement of all size and weight laws in the state. The utilization of fixed permanent scales and portable scales are the two methods of enforcement.


Truck ScaleThe division has ten permanent scales located along Indiana's interstate system. These facilities' combined operations result in the weighing, on average, of about 1.5 million commercial vehicles annually.

Due to the high volume of commercial vehicles weighed the five permanent weigh stations use Weigh in Motion scales. This device weighs, measures the axle spacing and checks the speed of the vehicle entering the scale location. This information is sent to a computer in the scale house, which determines if the vehicle should be sent to a bypass lane or sent to the certified scale in front of the scale house. If a violation is discovered, enforcement action is then taken. In addition, our scale locations utilize the PrePass system, which in combination with Weigh in Motion technology, allows traffic to keep flowing.


Truck ScalesPatrol vehicles are equipped with portable scales to supplement the permanent scales. Portable units assist in accident reconstruction when the weight of each vehicle involved is required and assist other agencies upon request.


Indiana Code IC 24-6-3-2 requires scales used for the purpose of commerce and enforcement to be certified once every twelve months. The division, however, as outlined in departments Standard Operating Procedures, have all scales used for enforcement certified by the Indiana State Department of Health every six months.

The Indiana State Department of Health certifies all instruments used by the division to measure vehicle dimensions.

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