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School Bus Safety

School Bus Inspections

The Indiana State Police is committed to keeping children safe in schools and on the road.  In our efforts to keep that commitment, the ISP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division has developed a groundbreaking electronic school bus inspection program. The program publishes school bus inspection records online, making the safety status of school buses and historical records available to parents throughout the state.

While all school and multiple function school activity buses require regular maintenance, Indiana law requires the State Police Department to perform an annual inspection on all buses and a semi-annual inspection on buses at least 12 years old to ensure safe operation. ISP inspection procedures cover certain safety-related systems common to most school buses and multiple function school activity buses, regardless of manufacture. These procedures help provide the safest mode of transportation for students, help prevent the occurrence of crashes and injuries, and hopefully lower the cost of operation and maintenance for those school systems governed by this program.

To better understand the methods and procedures used to determine compliance with the State School Bus Committee standards, please download the 2024 School Bus Inspection Manual.

To check the safety status of your child’s school bus, visit:

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