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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Major Jon E. Smithers

Major Jon E. Smithers

"The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing both state and federal regulations (FMCSR’s) on all commercial motor vehicles. Our major tasks include conducting Safety Inspections, New Entrant Safety Audits, and Compliance Reviews to ensure compliance with equipment and hours-of-service regulations. The division is also tasked with enforcing Indiana’s size and weight laws and ensuring that commercial carriers are properly registered and paying their fair share of fuel tax dollars. We assist in the investigation of commercial vehicle crashes (post-crash inspections) and manage the annual school bus inspection program."

Goals and Mission

"The goals of the division are to reduce the number of CMV crashes, and therefore the number of injuries, and fatalities related to CMV crashes. As well as, to reduce the damage to Indiana’s highways and bridges caused by overweight vehicles (for every ten percent increase in vehicle weight the damage to our highways is increased by forty percent). The division believes these goals can best be accomplished through increased awareness of the state laws and federal regulations and through voluntary compliance by the transportation industry."

Superload Permits & ISP Escorts

Service Request Steps:

1. Order the permit from IDOR.

2. Upon notification from IDOR, the carrier must request a Superload Agreement Number from the ISP Commercial Vehicle. Enforcement Division (CVED), 812-533-1100.

3. Fill out the contract, (below) attach a copy of the permit and slowdowns, and fax to the CVED at 812-533-1344.

4. CVED will set up an escort date within 72 hours.

Download the ISP Superload Escort Agreement.

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