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The Indiana State Police Ride-Along Program is an excellent way for selected members of the public to gain valuable experience in law enforcement. Read the details below to learn how to apply for an Indiana State Police Ride-Along Program which could provide a broader understanding of the Law Enforcement profession.

The Indiana State Police Ride-Along Program is an excellent way for those with career, educational, or community interests to ride with one of Indiana’s Finest. Interested persons must undergo a limited criminal history check, sexual offender registry check and local outstanding warrants check. In addition, the participant must complete the Ride-Along Program Application and Waiver. Once the Ride-Along Program Waiver of Liability has been completed, please attach to your Ride-Along Application.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age;
  2. Must possess a valid driver's license;
  3. No juvenile or adult criminal arrests or convictions
  4. If approved, the person must be willing to follow all Department rules, regulations, SOP’s (to include dress code), and reasonable/lawful orders while participating in the program.
  5. Participants must complete a Wavier of Liability and Acceptance of Risk and attach it to their application along with a copy of their photo identification.

No exceptions will be made for anyone not meeting all requirements.

Please note your application will not be processed until your waiver and a copy of your identification have been received.

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