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Superintendent Douglas G Carter

Superintendent Douglas G. Carter

Douglas G. Carter

"I am honored and profoundly humbled by my appointment as your Superintendent. For me, this is a journey home, back to the agency that I love and where I spent the best 18 years of my life. The friendships forged with many of you endure to this day. I have been gone, but not away from our agency and fully intend to re-engage very quickly. I anticipate many of you are expecting dramatic and immediate changes within the organization. However, my intent is to re-immerse myself in the culture of the ISP in order to make educated, strategic and sustainable decisions. 

Many Superintendents and administrations have served before me and I intend to take full advantage of the opportunity to draw from their experiences. I will do the same with as many of you as possible and it will take all of your help to build on their legacies. My top priority will be to renew old friendships and get acquainted with those whom I have not met. I intend to visit every post, spend time with every Division and listen intently. The culture I foster will be collaborative, communicative and based on trust. The three principles that matter above all else are Integrity, Loyalty and Community.

We are an agency steeped in tradition, duty bound, and reliant on each other. Please remember why you chose this profession and understand that periodically, we must evaluate the who, what, where, when, and why – and we collectively will. Please accept my sincere thanks for your service and commitment to our noble cause."

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