Reasons Licenses May be Delayed

The following WILL cause a delay in the issuance of your Firearms License:

  • If you have any criminal history, your application process will take significantly longer while we verify the disposition(s) of those events. 
  • If you do not have a criminal history, but our criminal history check indicates that you may have a criminal record, the process will take longer while the Firearms Unit Staff verifies that the criminal history does not belong to you.
  • For applications submitted prior to October 1, 2014, if the payment amount submitted is not equal to the fee marked on the application, there will be a delay.
  • If medical records or work documentation required have not been submitted, there will be a delay.
  • If the application is incomplete or has invalid data, the process will be delayed.
  • If the application has not been transmitted by the Local Law Enforcement Agency you went through, the Indiana State Police Department does not have the application and will not be able to process it until it is transmitted.

The Indiana State Police Department cannot account for every circumstance that may cause a delay in the application process.  The above instances are some of the major reasons that cause a delay.

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