SafetyNet Program

SAFETYNET is a computer system utilized by state law enforcement agencies and the FMCSA, for the collection and management of CMV data. Data is collected from all safety inspections and compliance reviews performed in Indiana and all CMV crashes that occur on Indiana highways. The data is routinely transferred to the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) for analysis by FMCSA and is used to help determine a motor carriers’ safety fitness rating. The system allows for the electronic collection of inspection data from roadside inspection software.

Inspection Repair Audit Program (IRAP)

When a motor carrier inspection is conducted, the driver of the inspected vehicle is provided with a copy of the inspection report. Instructions on the report require the motor carrier to certify that all inspection violations have been corrected. In cases where a driver was in violation of state law or Federal regulations, the motor carrier needs to certify they are aware of the drivers’ deficiencies.

The IRAP program further identifies carriers that have failed to return the driver’s copy of the inspection report to the division as required. A letter is then sent to the carrier asking them to comply with the FMCSR by returning their copy of the inspection report. Failure to comply with the first request requires the division to generate a final notice requiring the carrier to respond or face additional sanctions.

This program is successful in obtaining compliance from the carriers receiving safety inspections. On average only 72 percent of inspections requiring certification are returned to the division. After IRAP mailings are completed, 98 percent of the carriers inspected have complied with the IRAP certification process, allowing the division to ensure that motor carriers are repairing violations.

An additional benefit provided by this type of audit program is the notification to a carrier that its vehicle has been stopped and inspected. In some cases a driver may not have provided the company with his copy of the inspection, giving the carrier a false sense of security in regards to its safety maintenance program.

Internal Audit Mailing Program

The internal audit mailing program utilizes a process by which every 100th inspection is randomly selected from the SAFETYNET database. This inspection is then printed and mailed, to the carrier along with a cover letter requesting the carrier review the inspection report to verify accuracy against the report issued to their driver at roadside. In this letter we are also requesting the carrier provide us with information as to how the inspection was conducted, the inspector’s conduct/professionalism and other safety related aspects. This program allows carriers to request correction of their inspection report and provides a self-check of the officer’s professionalism and accuracy during the inspection.