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Toxicology Reports

Separate reports will be issued for alcohol and drug analyses. Drug analysis usually will take longer to complete than alcohol analysis.

The Department of Toxicology provides toxicology reports to contributors and prosecutors online through a secure online program called iResults, https://iresults.isdt.in.gov/iresults/Default.asp. The county prosecutor's office will have access to toxicology reports for each agency within the county, except in those cases where the submitting agency submits a written request that access be denied. If the Toxicology Analysis Request Form indicates that a drug recognition evaluation (DRE) was performed, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and/or the DRE Coordinator may have access to the report. Access to agency reports or a specific report may be provided or restricted upon written request to ISDT by the submitting agency or its representative.

Reports on cases received after September 25, 2011 are available in iResults. For reports on cases received prior to September 25, 2011, please contact the Department. If an analysis was outsourced, results received after April 1, 2014 may be accessed in iResults by clicking the “Mona Lisa” icon. For a report of outsourced analysis received prior to April 1, 2014, please contact ISDT. A general overview of how to use iResults is available: iResults training video.