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Toxicology Reports

Separate reports will be issued for alcohol and drug analyses. Drug analysis usually will take longer to complete than alcohol analysis.

The Department of Toxicology provides toxicology reports to submitting agencies as required by IC 10-20-2-4(a)(2) through a secure online program called ToxResults, The county prosecutor's office will have access to toxicology reports for each agency within the county, unless ISDT has received a written request from the submitting agency that such access not be provided. If the Toxicology Analysis Request indicates that a drug recognition evaluation (DRE) or oral fluid test was performed, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and/or the DRE Coordinator may have access to the toxicology report. A submitting agency may request additional or restricted access to toxicology reports through ToxResults by submitting a written request to

ToxResults FAQs

For questions regarding ToxResults, contact