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Request Toxicology Kits

Agencies may request toxicological blood evidence kits by email to ISDT will either prepare them for pick-up at the dock area of the Forensic and Health Sciences Laboratories, 550 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN  46202 or ship kits, as requested. A request for kits must include the following information:

  • Name and address of requesting agency
  • Name, email address, and telephone number of a contact person
  • Number of kits requested
  • Whether the kits should be prepared for pick-up or shipped

ISDT blood collection kits contain two gray top vacutainer tubes containing sodium fluoride (preservative) and potassium oxalate (anticoagulant), protective packaging, seals, labels, absorbent pad, instructions for use, and a Toxicology Analysis Request Form. Please note: ISDT blood collection kits no longer include urine containers.

To facilitate use and ensure availability, ISDT suggests that evidence collection kits be stored at facilities where blood is drawn, such as hospitals and jails.

ISDT does not charge for toxicological blood evidence kits but requests the unused sealed expired kits with the box free of any writing or postage be returned to ISDT. ISDT can refurbish an unused kit for a fraction of the cost of a new kit.