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Requests for Analysis

ISDT tests whole blood, serum, and plasma. The drugs included in ISDT's testing panels are listed at: A request for analysis of a specimen other than whole blood, serum, or plasma or outside the scope of ISDT's alcohol or drug panels will not be completed. A Toxicology Analysis Request Form must be submitted to ISDT prior to analysis being initiated. A request to add an ISDT alcohol or drug panel to a case already submitted to ISDT must be in writing.

Effective July 1, 2023, ISDT will implement the following policy regarding specimens submitted for drug and alcohol testing in non-fatal/serious bodily injury (SBI) traffic-related cases:

If the subject blood alcohol concentration is ≥ 0.10 g/100 mL blood, the request for drug analysis will be canceled.

This policy will not impact cases involving a traffic fatality, serious bodily injury, homicide, suicide, overdose, juvenile, sexual assault, neglect, or death investigation (priority cases).

ISDT requests to be notified if a pending analysis is no longer needed. Withdrawal of a request for analysis must be in writing. When a request for analysis is modified or withdrawn, ISDT will document the request in the case file.

By submitting evidence to ISDT, a submitting agency agrees to allow ISDT to select the appropriate method of analysis and authorizes deviations from a selected test method as ISDT deems necessary. Any method deviation will be documented in the case file and/or the quality assurance/quality control data for the batch. Copies of these documents are available upon request*. If ISDT is unable to complete the requested analysis, the reason will be noted on the report. The requested analysis may not require testing of all specimens submitted. The disposition of each item submitted is documented on the ISDT Case Chain of Custody Report, which is available upon request*.

*See Request Records.

For specimen retention policy, see Policies.

Requests for testing outside the scope of ISDT's panels:

If testing outside the scope of ISDT's panels is requested, ISDT may facilitate sending the specimen(s) to another laboratory for testing upon request. Any fee associated with such testing will be the responsibility of the requesting party. Written requests should be sent to


Analyses routinely outsourced by ISDT are listed at ISDT may choose to outsource other analyses in addition to those listed. By submitting evidence to ISDT, the submitting agency agrees to allow ISDT to outsource the analysis, as necessary, unless ISDT is requested in writing by the submitting agency or its representative not to outsource. A request not to outsource may result in the analysis not being completed.