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Policies and Agency Statements

IAC 260: Establishes standards for certification of breath test operators and instruments.

Specimen Retention Policy:  Shipping and specimen packaging will be discarded during the receiving process while evidence specimens will be maintained for one (1) year after the completion of analysis. If specimens need to be maintained beyond this time frame please contact us.

Quality Assurance Manual

The current version of the Quality Assurance Manual is below. For previous versions, please contact Teri Kendrick (tkendrick@isdt.in.gov).

QA Manual, Version 6, Effective 03-01-21

Test Methods

The current versions of the Laboratory Test Methods and the Breath Test Program Methods are below. For previous versions, please contact Teri Kendrick (tkendrick@isdt.in.gov).

Laboratory Test Methods, Version 6, Effective 08-04-20

Breath Test Program Methods, Version 8, Effective 03-01-21

Agency Statements

Pursuant to IC 4-22-7-7(d), below is the current list of agency statements adopted by the Department of Toxicology: 

Title:  Implementation of 260 IAC 2-4-2
Document identification number:  20150128-IR-260150036NRA
Adoption date:  January 28, 2015
Date of last revision:  N/A
Description:  Implements 260 IAC 2-4-2 Approved method for Intox EC/IR II breath analysis

Title:  Notice of Current Fee Amounts
Document identification number:  20130612-IR-260130234ONA
Adoption date:  June 12, 2013
Date of last revision:  N/A
Description:  Notice of current fee amounts for certification and recertification of breath test operators and maintenance and certification of breath test instruments