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Forensic Toxicology Lab

Forensic Toxicology Lab



The Indiana State Department of Toxicology (ISDT) provides science-based support to the state’s criminal justice system, including impaired and dangerous driving enforcement programs, by conducting analyses for alcohol and drugs in blood samples submitted by law enforcement agencies, furnishing expert testimony, training and certifying operators to administer breath tests for alcohol, inspecting, maintaining, and certifying breath testing equipment, and certifying Ignition Interlock Device models.

The Department’s mission is to promote the administration of justice by providing laboratory services, research, and education in forensic toxicology for the State of Indiana.

Our purpose is to provide accurate and timely toxicology services in an ethical and forensically sound manner and an accurate and reliable breath-testing program for the State of Indiana.

We hold that quality results come through professional, ethical, and unbiased analysis of all evidentiary samples entrusted to the laboratory for testing.

The Agency’s strategy is to establish a professional work environment that encourages excellence; hire highly qualified individuals that share the values of the department; provide the appropriate resources to ensure each employee accomplishes the goals and objectives of the department; develop a training program ensuring each employee is always learning; clearly communicate expectations, goals, and objectives to each member of ISDT; and to provide the necessary technical and administrative leadership.