Toxicology Reports



Testing of samples is generally performed as described below.



A screening analysis is performed for both ethanol and drugs if both types of testing are requested. Confirmation testing is performed for all positive screening results. If testing for ethanol and drugs is requested, the testing will be performed in parallel. As such, individual reports will be issued for the ethanol and drug testing. Drug testing usually takes longer for completion than the ethanol testing; therefore, ethanol reports will normally be issued before the drug report.  If additional testing is requested, after the original toxicology report has been issued, a second report will be issued containing the results from the additional testing. If there is not enough sample to complete the confirmation testing, the result for the group will be QNS (Quantity Not Sufficient).



The Department of Toxicology provides toxicology reports to contributors and prosecutors online through a secure online program called iResults. Reports on cases received after September 25, 2011 are available in iResults. For reports on cases prior to September 25, 2011, please contact the Department. The Department does not routinely distribute toxicology reports by mail. A general overview on the use of iResults is available using the link below. In iResults, search requests by individual are all under the selectable criteria “subject name”. In cases where analysis has been outsourced, results received after April 1, 2014 are available by clicking the view related images “Mona Lisa” icon. For outsourced reports prior to April 1, 2014, please contact the Department.


iResults training video