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Indiana Youth Tobacco Survey

Indiana Specific Reports

  • Effects of Smoking Ban on Acute Myocardial Infarction Hospitalization in Marion County
    Comparison of heart attack admissions in Marion County and Indianapolis hospitals before and after the Indianapolis smoke-free air law implementation in 2012. Completed by Yi Wang, PhD, Anne M. Weaver, PD. 2017

  • Estimating the Economic Impact of Secondhand Smoke in Indiana in 2014
    Prepared for the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission by C. Lewis and T. Zollinger.

Executive Summary

  • Estimating the Economic Impact of Secondhand Smoke on Indiana in 2010
    This is an update from the 2007 study. Prepared for the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission by T. Zollinger, R. Saywell, C. Lewis.
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Executive Summary
  • The Economic Impact of Smoke Free Policies on Business and Health
    Indiana University Center for Health Policy report: Smokefree workplace laws save lives and money without hurting businesses.

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  • The Economic Impact of Tobacco Use in Indiana
    Study looks at the cost of tobacco on Indiana's economy. Completed by Patrick M. Barkey, Ph.D., Bureau of Business Research, Ball State University

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  • Indiana Cancer Facts & Figures 2012
    The Indiana Cancer Consortium published a comprehensive report on cancer in Indiana--"Indiana Cancer Facts and Figures." This 73-page report contains the most accurate and current cancer data for Indiana assembled in a single source.

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National Reports

  • Saving Lives Saving Money
    Two reports from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network measure the dramatic health and economic benefits of enacting strong tobacco control policies in the states. The reports quantify lives saved, reduction in smokers and health costs saved in each state from implementing comprehensive smoke-free laws or tobacco tax increases.


Research Articles