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NBS Program Reports

In accordance with Indiana law, the GNBS program tracks and reports data collected while carrying out newborn screening in Indiana.

A screening helps to find individuals who do not have any symptoms but may be at risk of having a disease or condition. Diagnostic testing, also called confirmatory testing, is done after a positive screen to confirm or rule out the diagnosis. In other words, screenings identify, and testing confirms.

Initial screens are the first newborn screening collected from a baby. Repeat screens are any additional newborn screenings that happen after the initial screen. Screening totals show how many of each type of heel stick screen (initial or repeat) happened in each quarter, or month, as named in the chart title.

Presumptive positive (pre-positive) screens are any screen that resulted potentially positive for a condition. Pre-positive screens require additional testing through a diagnostic test to confirm or rule out the diagnosis.

The number of pre-positive and confirmed cases in a given month are based upon the date of the screening/testing result, not the infant's date of birth.


2020 1st Quarter Heel Stick Screening Data - View Report


2020 2nd Quarter Heel Stick Screening Data - View Report













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