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Screening Results


Requesting Newborn Screening Results: 


If you are a medical professional needing a newborn screening record faxed to your medical office,please folow the step below:


  1. Fax a request using your facilitys professional letterhead, including baby's name, baby's date of birth, mother's name and the baby's birth facility name, to the Genomics and Newborn Screening Program at ISDH at 317.234.2995 .

NOTE: If it is known that the baby has had an abnormal screen, please fax your request to the Newborn Screening Laboratory at 317.321.2495 or call them at 317.278.3245 . Please include the following with your office's letterhead:

  • Patient’s Name 
  • Date of Birth (DOB)  
  • Patient’s Mother’s Name
  • Birthing Facility  




Online Access to Results: 


Online access to newborn screening results is now available. Please see the “Indiana Newborn Screening Tracking and Education Program INSTEP” tab for more information or click here.