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Contact Genomics and Newborn Screening Program at: ISDHNBS@isdh.in.gov.


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Director, Genomics and Newborn Screening
Phone: 888.815.0006
Fax: 317.234.2995

Barb Lesko, MT(ASCP)
Manager, Indiana University Newborn Screening Laboratory
Phone: 317.278.3245
Fax: 317.321.2495


Suzanne M. Foley, M.S., CCC-A
Lead Regional Audiology Consultant,

EHDI Program

Eric Jackson
Newborn Screening Follow-up Coordinator  

Stacy Allgeier

EHDI Follow-Up Coordinator

Hanna Santuro

Special Projects Coordinator

Julie Swaim (bilingual English/Spanish)
EHDI Parent Consultant

Allison Forkner, MPH
IBDPR Program Manager

Lisa Condes, M.S.
Family Support and Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Coordinator - EHDI

Ali N. Hendrick 
Genomics & Newborn Screening Education Specialist

Mariana Barquet
Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Outreach Coordinator-EHDI

Samantha Mills
Quality Coordinator  

Lisa J. Wolfe
EHDI Parent Consultant

Jennifer Haller

GNBS Administrator


Holly Miller, MPH
IBDPR Case Reviewer

Crystal Kegebein

Medical Chart Abstractor

Heather Deckard

Medical Chart Abstractor

Krista VonBurg

Medical Chart Abstractor

Nita Poudyal

Medical Chart Abstractor