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Registering Students

A local education agency’s Digital Rights Manager (DRM) must register students who are blind or have low vision with the Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM) prior to receiving services from the IERC. The student must have medical certification on file documenting the visual impairment and be case conferenced as a student who is “blind or low vision” per the Indiana State Board of Education, Special Education Rules, Title 511 Article 7.

Article 7 may be read at Indiana Department of Education.

Duplicate Student Error Message on the ICAM

If you have a student who has moved into your system and has already been registered in the ICAM, do not attempt to reregister them. Instead, log into the ICAM and update the student information using the Edit Student function. If you attempt to reregister a student already in the system, you will receive a “Duplicate Student” error message. If you are not able to edit the student, they may be inactive please contact Martha LaBounty.