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Next Generation Cooperative Communications

P25 Upgrade

Statewide CAD/RMS
Public safety information integration and sharing is essential to improving the quality and effectiveness of local, county and state justice systems. Integrated information technology can significantly diminish the unknowns that threaten first responders and the people they serve. Access to information, including thorough, complete criminal history records, improves officer and public safety. Police, prosecution, court, and corrections officials make more informed decisions when they have timely access to useful data. Public health, environmental and geographic data are key components of effective disaster plans and response.

Indiana is investing in a multi-agency multi-jurisdiction interoperable Computer Aided Dispatch/Records Management System (CAD/RMS).  The plans for implementing the system are based upon the highly successful buildout of the statewide interoperable voice communications system:

  • The state provides the “backbone” for data/records management system, including implementation and maintenance.
  • Local agencies may purchase from a “to be established” QPA, saving them significant dollars on software and hardware; and, long term software maintenance expense related to building their own system
  • The end result fosters cooperation, common architecture, and data interoperability.

The first phase of the multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction CAD/RMS project is implementation in the Indiana State Police consolidated dispatch centers.  Following successful implementation within the these centers, the system will be made available/promoted to state and local public safety agencies.

Similar to quantity purchasing agreements established with the public safety radio manufacturers during the SAFE-T contract negotiations, county and state agencies will be able to procure CAD/RMS software and computer hardware and integration services through quantity purchase agreements established by the Indiana Department of Administration through this procurement.

Local, county and state agencies who wish to implement CAD and RMS may do so in a manner similar to participation in Project Hoosier SAFE-T. Agencies may execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Integrated Public Safety Commission (IPSC) if one does not already exist for participation in SAFE-T. An amendment to any existing MOU will suffice for those who currently participate in SAFE-T.