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September 2019 Newsletter

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Indiana named best state online experience


The State of Indiana was named as having the best overall digital experience across all states by the Center for Digital Government (CDG) in the annual Government Experience Awards.

The awards recognize the achievements and best practices of states, cities and counties that are radically improving the experience of government and pushing the boundaries of how citizen services are delivered.

“In Indiana, we have been laser-focused on creating a great user experience for Hoosiers,” Gov. Eric J. Holcomb said. “This topic has been so important, that in fact, I made it one of my five pillars for my administration to deliver great government service. The Indiana Office of Technology works incredibly hard to help us accomplish that exact goal. We will not slow our efforts to modernize state government, to better service citizens and businesses alike.”

Indiana uses a variety of methods to interact with citizens and businesses, trying to meet them where they live. The website, IN.gov, has nearly 100 million visits in the past 12 months, with more than half of those coming on mobile devices. Visitors also have millions of interactions with IN.gov self-help solutions, which include FAQs, a chatbot and voice skills on Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Citizens can also text the State Information Center (1-855-463-5292) to ask question.

Indiana has long been recognized among leaders in digital government, placing in the top three in the experience awards each of the past three years. In the past two years the state has received 27 awards for digital government accomplishments. IN.gov provides more than 700 online services that make working with state government easy and convenient.

IN.gov Search Training Session

IN.gov is offering a training session on its search tool, funnelback. The search engine is located on every page of an agency website and that are a lot of ways to customize results. Learn tips on using funnelback and how it can improve your user experience.

Read more about funnelback and how you can use it: https://www.in.gov/inwp/2681.htm 

Join the session on Oct. 31 from 1:30-2:30 in Government Center South, Conference Room 22.


Power upgrade to IGCS North

Beginning on Nov. 8 at approximately 5:00 p.m., the Government Center North and Indiana State Library will be without electrical power for around 72 hours. This is to facilitate needed electrical equipment upgrades. 

How IOT is preparing: On Sept. 21, IOT successfully tested its three backup generators to ensure that power to the IOT Datacenter will not be interrupted. Each generator can fully run the entire datacenter by itself, but there is redundancy to protect operations.

Geoblocking project underway

Cybersecurity has taken a global bent, with foreign countries sponsoring hacking groups to attack governments or foreign hacking groups trying to setup ransomware. To help reduce the threat, IOT’s Operational Security team is working on the ability for agency applications to selectively block IP addresses based on geolocation.

How does it work: Agencies will be able to setup on a per-agency basis which country IP addresses should be blocked. This will reduce unwanted traffic coming into state systems.

What’s next: IOT is hosting two open houses to ask questions.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | 3:00 p.m.

Web-Ex URL / Meeting Link (please paste it into your browser address versus the control click option) https://indiana.webex.com/indiana/j.php?MTID=m66d48c3d3bb04d11e35e52dc17c5ee74

Meeting number (access code):  730 217 449

Thursday, October 24, 2019 | 11:00 a.m.

Web-Ex URL / Meeting Link (please paste it into your browser address versus the control click option) https://indiana.webex.com/indiana/j.php?MTID=m657a08fe00d4fdb1b23660c4478848a3

Meeting number (access code): 732 575 797

Recap of GIS Day 2019

Indiana GIS Day 2019 saw more than 400 attendees this year, where they received information about everything from ArcGIS to creating web maps, to what to do in an extreme event.image

The keynote speaker this year was GIS practitioner Adam Carnow from ESRI. He helps organizations get the most out of their GIS investment. He says the keys to success include the data, process and technology. He encouraged attendees to find new ways to evolve an utilize GIS best practices.

"Thank you to all attendees, partners, and others who made GIS Day possible," GIO Megan Compton said. "The event is such a great opportunity to demonstrate the value and usage of GIS in all aspects of work. The data contributes to efforts across the state ranging from transportation, agriculture, natural resources and more. With open data, smart processes, innovative technology and the right people, Indiana GIS will continue to grow and provide benefit to Hoosiers."

To learn all there is to know about GIS, visit https://www.in.gov/gis/gis101.htm 

Recap of WorkSmart 365

The three-day fall conference saw state employees across all agencies attend to learn more about modernizing their workspace with Office 365. 


Tim Boettcher, SVP Client Services at AvePoint, spoke to the need of more collaboration internally, externally and remotely. 

The key features included in Office 365 that enable collaboration are; Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. IOT is working collaboratively (no pun intended) with our agency partners to make sure that as these capabilities are rolled out, they meet our State's security policies and we have aligned the right training resources.

How should YOU begin?

The first thing to do is to figure out what you're TRYING to do.

To reduce the amount of emails, work collaboratively, create one document for everyone on your team to edit and not have multiple versions, plan to use TEAMS.

To dive into your personal files on the go, use ONEDRIVE

To find and access your agency's policies and documents, use SHAREPOINT.

Are you needing to eliminate your constant emails and find a way to collaborate more effectively? Do people REPLY ALL to emails you are included in, and the emails seem to never stop? These tools can change the way your agency works.

Learn more at https://on.in.gov/IndianaWorksSmart

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