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November/December 2018

Indiana prison-based academy

2018 Recap

Updates to IOT Service Catalog

MobileIron walkthrough

GIS Day Recap

Congrats to IOT employees



Google puts $2 million behind Indiana prison-based coding academy

Politicians, celebrities, technologists and inmates gathered at a juvenile correctional facility in Indiana on Tuesday academyto announce the expansion of The Last Mile, a vocational rehabilitation program that trains prisoners in technology skills to improve their chances of employment upon release.

Google.org, the search giant’s philanthropic arm, announced $2 million in funding to support the nonprofit’s expansion in the Midwest, and continue a program started earlier this year at the Pendleton Juvenile Correction Facility, which is now preparing a second class of inmate students.

Click here to read the full story on statescoop.com.

2018 Recap

The Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) continues to provide secure and consistent technology services for all state agencies to serve the Hoosier taxpayer. This year, total visits on the IN.gov increased by 27 percent and page views by 13 percent. FAQ views increased by 59 percent since 2017, and we had over 170,000 total IOT tickets in 2018. The State also received important recognition from the Center for Digital Government, which awarded the state an A- in its biennial Digital States Survey, where IOT coordinated the response, and the state won third place in the Government Experience Awards. We’re excited for what’s to come next year!

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Updates to IOT Service Catalog

The IOT Service Catalog is a list of technology services available to users. The document also contains information on how to: request a service, request help if you have an issue with a service, monitor the progress of your IOTrequests, resolve billing issues and how to terminate a service. It has been updated with new features and offerings available from IOT. The new features include:

• Identifying exactly what the customer gets for each service.
• Distinguishing exactly what IOT, the customer and vendor(s) are responsible for doing. This clarifies each parties' responsibilities after the service is provided.
• Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are included for each service, replacing IOT’s outdated Service Level   Agreement. Each service can have multiple SLOs.
• Usage now reflects the past 12 months of service provided to existing customers.

Many thanks to all of the service owners for their diligent work on this important document!

MobileIron walkthrough

IOT has migrated all IOS users to certificate-based authentication to receive your email. This replaced the current login process where you have to enter your username and password each time you want to get to your email.

The new process will require access to be through the MobileIron Tunnel.

How can I do this?

1. Verify your device is properly registered in MobileIron.

2. Open the MobileIron Mobile@Work application to verify the necessary green checkmarks. Ensure that MobileIron Tunnel is installed on your device.

3. If you currently use any of the below apps on your device, uninstall, reinstall and reconfigure the apps from Apps@Work: You only need to complete steps 3 and 4 if you use the apps or access Office 365 resources through a mobile browser.

  • a. Authenticator (you will need to re-register your device in the PhoneFactor portal: https://pfp.iot.in.gov)
  • b. SharePoint
  • c. OneDrive
  • d. OneNote

4. If you access any resources at Office 365 through a mobile browser, you will need to install Microsoft Edge from Apps@Work.

This applies to both state-owned and personally-owned devices if you sync data from Office 365.

Instructions to install Outlook Mobile on iOS:https://www.in.gov/iot/nts/Shared%20Documents/Apple/installing-outlook-for-ios-for-state-of-indiana.pdf


GIS Day Recap

The 2018 Indiana GIS Day & Conference took place Oct. 30 this year with more than 400 people in attendance.

Attendees were able to explore the innovative ways GIS is used to improve government operations. GIS Day

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become an integral tool in state agencies and local governments where they are used to support decision making in the public interest.GIS has the unique capability to help explain large amounts of information via maps and graphics using location information. Cross-agency applications appear seamless when data is merged into a GIS.

A number of agencies and organizations presented various ways they and others can use GIS tools. Presenters included; DNR, IndianaMap, ISDA, ACRES Land Trust, ISDH, IDHS, TechHow, INC. IDEM, IUPUI, ESRI, INDOT, Marion County Health Department and more.

The keynote speaker, Siavash Beik PE, CFM, D.WRE, CPMSM of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, kicked off the day discussing building community resilience. Attendants spent the rest of the day choosing from 20 breakout sessions.

One session was an in-person role-playing game, “Extreme Event,” that gave participants a taste of what it takes to build community resilience in the face of a disaster. Players worked together to make decisions and solve problems during an engaging, fast-paced disaster hurricane simulation/scenario. GIS Day 2

Other sessions included creating a WebApp from a WebMap, streamlining data flow, updates on the Indiana LIDAR project, mapping IUPUI campus utilities, managing Indiana’s deer, working with ArcGIS, invasive species management efforts, using GIS to leverage traffic data for project forecasting and incorporating GIS into the airport inspection process.

You can find all presentations from GIS Day 2018 here. Next year GIS Day will be held on Sept. 24, 2019.

For more information on GIS, contact Indiana Geographic Information Officer Megan Compton at (317) 234-5889 or email gio@iot.in.gov.


Congratulations to our IOT employees for their years of service!

Congrats to Rob Williams and Patty Zenor for 40 years of service, and Doug Hubbs for 35 years of service!

IOT employees

  • Employees Recognized: Pictured left to right; Gov. Eric Holcomb, Chief Operating Officer Bob Clarke, Williams, Zenor and Chief Information Officer Dewand Neely.
    • *Not pictured: Doug Hubbs

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