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Request for Proposals

INDOT recognizes the importance of proactively engaging contractors, consultants and transportation and construction experts when considering solutions to best meet the state’s transportation needs.

Listed below are Requests for Proposals (RFPs) regarding transportation or transportation infrastructure situations facing INDOT. Each RFP includes criteria and background needed to solicit the information requested by INDOT.

INDOT will review the responses and materials received and use that to form a decision on selecting a course of action that addresses the specific transportation need in the most cost-effective way.

RFPs do not constitute the commencement of any other type of procurement process for any project.

All materials submitted by respondents shall be subject to the Indiana Public Records Act, and any other laws and regulations applicable to the disclosure of documents submitted under the RFP.

Request for Proposals LevelUp31

INDOT is excited to announce that an Apparent Selected Proposer has been identified for the Level Up 31 CMGC Project.  Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc. is the Apparent Selected Proposer for the Project, the first undertaken as a CMGC procurement in the State.  INDOT anticipates completing negotiations and executing a CMGC agreement by August 15, 2024 (per Section 1.5 of the RFP).

Request for Proposals to receive released mitigation site in Hancock County

Request for Proposals to design and build the Sherman Minton Corridor Project through a Public–Private Partnership Agreement

Request for Proposals to design and build the I-69 Section 6 Contract 5 Project through a Public–Private Partnership Agreement

Request for Proposal - Toll Advisory and Oversight Services for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project

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