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INDOTs CCMG application requires locals to have an INDOT Technical Application Pathway (ITAP) account linked to their local agency to apply for Community Crossings funds.

IMPORTANT All users must have their own individual unique Access Indiana and INDOT ITAP accounts.

Business = The local government agency.     User = The individual employee.


    An Access Indiana account is now required for all external users to access ITAP and all applications within ITAP.

  1. Instructions to Access Indiana are on INDOT’s website under:
  2. Click Getting Started to be taken to the Access Indiana Getting Started instructions, or
  3. Click on ITAP Quick Start Guide for instruction on ‘How to Create an Access Indiana Account,’ and
  4. Click on Access Indiana Portal to log into an existing account.

    To access INDOTs CCMG application locals must have an INDOT Technical Application Pathway (ITAP) business account and a registered user linked to their local agency to apply for Community Crossings funds.

    Once you have an Access Indiana account, go to to login to ITAP. The link will navigate you to the Access Indiana login page. Once you enter an email address and password, you will be taken to the ITAP Dashboard upon a successful sign in.

  1. If your agency has never done online business with INDOT before, your local government will need to enroll in as a New Business first.
    • Locals will need to know their Federal Tax ID to complete enrollment.
    • The enrollment and approval process can take up to 1 week to complete.
  2. A business is the city, town, or county, not a department within that government unit.
  3. If your city, town, or county has a new employee, that new employee will need to enroll as a new user.
  4. Users must be a full-time employee of the local government to register.
  5. If you have questions or are unsure if your agency is enrolled, contact Michael Cales at for ITAP support.

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