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Community Crossings Matching Grant

Community Crossings 2020-2 Awards

2020-1 Awards
In March 2020, INDOT awarded $126.5 million to 214 Indiana communities through the 2020-1 CCMG Call for Projects. Communities awarded during that call for projects, held in January, can be assured that they will receive the state matching funds as awarded. Many of those communities are moving forward with those awarded projects now and will receive their state funds early in the new fiscal year, which begins in July 2020.

Community Crossings 2020-1 Awards

The 2020-1 CCMG Call for Projects closed at 5:00pm EST on February 7, 2020.

Whether you are new to the CCMG application process or have applied previously, the resources provided below are intended to guide local agencies through the application process. INDOT continues to make improvements to the application process, making it easier than ever for local units of government to apply.

To begin your application, visit Information on previous CCMG awards can be found here:

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