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December 13, 2023 - Regular Letting

December 13, 2023

All Registration Forms must be received by INDOT before 9:00 A.M. E.T. the day of letting. For questions regarding submission of this form, please call 317-234-4949. All Bidders must be prequalified and have proper qualifications and bidding capacity. For prequalification questions, please call 317-232-5096 or 317-232-5094.

Bidders & Planholder list will be generated and posted daily, every business day, 2 weeks prior to Final Letting Date:

Letting Information

UpdatedNoticesSchedule of Pay Items
12/8/2023Notice to Bidders: Rescheduled R-41409-A from Dec 13(see "Rescheduled Contracts")
11/28/2023Notice to Contractors - updated CALL 360 - CONTRACT  R-44100-C 
11/28/2023Notice to Contractors - updated CALL 716 - CONTRACT T-43530-A 
11/22/2023Notice to Contractors - Supp 1Excel | Pdf | by DES No.**
**"by DES No." Document is for guidance only and is currently unavailable due to technical issues. 
11/15/2023Notice to ContractorsExcel Pdf | by DES No.**
**"by DES No." Document is for guidance only and is currently unavailable due to technical issues. 
11/13/2023Notice to Bidders: Rescheduled R-41299-A from Nov 15(see "Rescheduled Contracts")

Wage Notifications

12/6/2023Wage Determination Notification 

Construction Letting Email Inbox

12/12/2023Construction Letting Email Inbox 

Letting Results

01/09/2024Official Bid Results 
03/04/2024 Affirmative Action Certification
01/09/2024Participation Plans 
01/29/2024Unit Tab Results PDF  
03/06/2024Unit Tab Results - Additional  Bid Tabulations 

Additional Information

*Please Note*

Schedules are estimated and subject to change without notice.

  • Failure to register as a valid bidder will cause failure of the Bid Express bid submission process. To register as a Bidder, or to be listed as a Planholder, please submit the Bidders & Planholders Registration Form.
  • Failure to submit Drug Testing Plan and Performance Bond prior to date and time of letting, when required, will result in bid rejection (More information)
  • The files posted and available for download on the INDOT website are copyright free and available to the general public at no cost.

How to View a Contract

Learn how to view contracts here.

KML Files

KML is a common format for sharing geographic data with nonā€GIS users as it can be easily delivered on the Internet and viewed in a number of free applications, including Google Earth. KML files have either a .kml or .kmz (for compressed or zipped KML files) file extension. Click here for additional information on how to open KML files.

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