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Contractors Prequalification

Indiana law requires companies to be prequalified by INDOT before doing any part of a state or local project that is “the construction, improvement, alteration, repair, or maintenance of a highway, street, or road (as defined by IC 8-23-1-23) or alley.”

Pursuant to Indiana Code, the following entities must be prequalified by INDOT:

  1. All prime contractors who wish to bid on INDOT projects
  2. All prime contractors who wish to bid on LPA projects
  3. All subcontractors with more than $300,000 in total INDOT work under contract

Subcontractors who maintain less than $300,000 in total INDOT work under contract are not required to be prequalified by the Department. Subcontractors with more than $300,000 in total INDOT work under contract must be prequalified by INDOT before they can engage in Department work.

Contractor Prequalification Application

As of October 1, 2020, applications for contractor prequalification must be completed using the new Contractor Prequalification application (CPQ) in ITAP. This program must be used for all new contractors and those with expiring certificates.  See below for guidance materials and instructions for the new process.

Prequalification Information 

Other Information and Related Links

The Prequalification Committee (PQC) regulates the eligibility of companies to perform INDOT work, including prequalification status. The PQC meets the first Thursday of every month at 9 am eastern. Meetings are currently conducted in person with a Microsoft Teams virtual component.

Companies wishing to provide any part of the services for an INDOT project must be prequalified as a consultant. Consultant prequalification is governed by the Consultant Prequalification Manual.

INDOT prequalifies companies for public works projects that are related to the design, construction, and maintenance of the State of Indiana’s transportation infrastructure. This includes projects awarded by Ports of Indiana. The IDOA Certification Board prequalifies companies for all other state and local public works projects, such building construction.

Compliance with INDOT’s standard specifications is critical to maintaining a company’s prequalification status. In addition to quality and workmanship, a major component of this compliance relates to project management and cooperation with the Department. These requirements are outlined in Section 100 of the INDOT Standard Specifications and further elaborated in INDOT’s Partnering Handbook.

A Contractor Performance Evaluation is issued for every contract and subcontract with a value of at least $10,000. The CPE program and process are currently being updated. Please email Matt Sutton with any feedback or other input regarding the evaluation process.

Contact Information

Matt Sutton
Prequalification Engineer           
Indiana Department of Transportation  
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 725 
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Greg Christoff                         
Contractor Prequalification Auditor                 
Indiana Department of Transportation      
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 725       
Indianapolis, IN 46204   

Korin Light
Prequalification Specialist
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 725
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Patrick Goralski

Contractor Performance Manager

Indiana Department of Transportation

100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 725

Indianapolis, IN 46204


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