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Certification Board

The Public Works Certification Board is responsible for pre-qualifying designers, planners, contractors, and subcontractors, as mandated by Indiana Code 4-13.6-4. All designers and planners must be pre-qualified prior to bidding on State contracts. Contractors and subcontractors are required to be pre-qualified by the State prior to bidding on State contracts valued at more than $150,000.

As a part of the pre-qualification process, the board may carry out any necessary investigations to determine whether an applicant is competent and responsible, and has the financial resources and experience necessary to complete the project in accordance with State law.

While we are transitioning back to in-office procedures, please continue to submit your applications to and the IDOA Certification Board will address upon return to normal work conditions.

The Certified Contractor and Designer lists, available at the links below, may not contain the results of the latest Certification Board meeting and may not reflect any “Special Meeting” results.  These lists are NOT to be considered to be final but merely a reference.  These lists are updated within 30 days of most recent Certification Board meeting.

Questions? Contact the Certification Board Secretary at and please format your subject line as follows:

Subject: (Contractor firm name) – Certification Question
Subject: (Contractor firm name) – Certification application submission

Due to ongoing remote work conditions, email as directed above is your best option for assistance.

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