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LETB Refresher Course

Frequently Asked Questions about the LETB Refresher Course

What is the “Refresher Course”?

The Refresher course is a method that LEOs may use to ‘revive’ their LETB certificate to perform law enforcement duties.

LEOs leave the profession of law enforcement for various reasons like retirement, taking another job, etc. Sometimes those LEOs want to re-enter law enforcement, again, for a variety of reasons, such as they miss the profession, a law enforcement job opportunity arises, etc.

I.C. §5-2-1-9(o) allows a police officer who has left law enforcement for at least two (2) years but less than six (6) years to ‘refresh’ her/his LETB certificate and begin enforcing the law again. A police officer who has left law enforcement for six (6) years or longer must repeat basic training and cannot ‘refresh’ his/her LETB certificate.

What Constitutes Being in Law Enforcement?

The essence of an Indiana police officer is enforcing the criminal and traffic laws. A previously full-time, paid police officer who retires but becomes an unpaid reserve officer is still enforcing the criminal and traffic laws; so is a formerly full-time, paid officer who goes to part-time, paid status.

Additionally, a graduate of ILEA or one of the satellite academies who later goes to a federal law enforcement position may possibly be continuously engaged in the enforcement of criminal laws. This issue is dependent upon the agency and the duties engaged in, so each individual case must be submitted to the Executive Director to be certain.

Some examples of positions that do not qualify include special deputies/officers, constables, security/personal protection, etc.

What are the Requirements to Take the Refresher Course?

The requirements to qualify for the refresher course are simple. They include:

1. The applicant for the refresher course must be hired and on the payroll of an Indiana law enforcement agency or department as a police officer. The refresher course is not, and cannot be, a prerequisite to getting hired. The hiring comes first, and the refresher course comes second. The applicant must be listed in ACADIS as an active, paid police officer.

2. The applicant must have not been employed as a police officer for at least two (2) years but less than six (6) years at the time of hiring by the new law enforcement agency or department. If not employed for less than two (2) years, then the town marshal/sheriff/chief decides what (if any) remedial training is necessary. If not employed for six (6) years or more, then the applicant may not take the refresher course but, instead, must repeat basic training.

3. The applicant must have at some point in the past completed basic training, either Tier I or Tier II, prior to being hired by the current employing law enforcement agency or department.

What if I’m Less Than Six (6) months From the End of the Six (6) Year Period?

I.C. §5-2-1-9(o) measures the time period for the refresher course from date of hire with the new agency.  If an officer is hired by a new agency at least one (1) day before the expiration of the six (6) year period, then that officer qualifies for the refresher course and need not go back through basic training. Stated another way, as long as the officer is hired by the new agency before the end of six (6) years, then the office will have the full six (6) months to complete the refresher course.

What Should I Expect From the Refresher Course?

The 80 hours Refresher Course is a self-directed, non-instructor lead course that is accessed through the ACADIS portal. Although the applicant progresses at her/his own pace, be aware that I.C. §5-2-1-9(p) establishes a STRICT time limit of six (6) months to complete the refresher.

For a list of topics and required hours of training CLICK HERE.

What Happens if I Don’t Complete the Refresher Course On Time?

I.C. §5-2-1-9(p) states that if the officer fails to complete the refresher course requirements within six (6) months of the date of hire then “…the officer loses the officer’s powers of: (1) arrest; (2) search; and (3) seizure.” Stated differently, failure to finish the refresher course on time means the LEO loses all police powers.

If I Don’t Complete the Refresher Course on Time, and Lose Police Powers, How Do I Get Them Back?

Both I.C. §5-2-1 and 250 IAC are silent on this eventuality. Our interpretation is that you will lose your police powers until the Refresher Course is completed.

Is There a Test at the Conclusion of the Refresher Course?

There is no comprehensive test necessary to complete the refresher course requirements. There is, however, a need to shoot qualifying scores for firearms.

If I Complete the Refresher Course Will I Also Be Required to Complete the 24 Hours of Annual Mandatory Training?

Not entirely. The topics covered in the refresher course will meet 22 of the 24 hours of mandatory annual training; it covers the 18 hours of general topics, the 2 hours of firearms, and the 2 hours of physical tactics. However, the completion of the refresher course does not meet the 2 hours of EVO. In other words, even after completion of the refresher course, you will have to obtain 2 hours of training in EVO during the calendar year.

What is the First Step to Enrolling in a Refresher Course?

The first step is to make sure that your department has listed you on ACADIS as a paid full-/part-time law enforcement officer. Assuming that has been done, your sheriff/town marshal/chief must draft a letter, on department letterhead, addressed to the Executive Director at: 5402 S County Road 700 E, Plainfield, IN 46168. This letter must bear the original signature of the town marshal/chief/sheriff. Even though the letter is addressed to the Executive Director, please send it to Administrative Assistant Janice Hardwick.

It’s suggested that you scan the letter after signature but before mailing and email the scanned copy to Janice; everything will move a bit faster that way. Janice’s email is:

The letter must include the full name, date of birth, PSID number for the applicant, and a valid email address for the applicant. It must also include a timeline of the full work history of the officer. This must include not only law enforcement employers but even private employers and military deployments, and the beginning and ending times for each.

Is There a Fee For the Refresher Course?

Yes.  The current fee is $50.00. This fee is non-refundable.

How Can the Fee be Paid?

ILEA accepts checks, money orders, and credit cards. If your department desires an invoice for payment or to pay by credit card, please contact Business Administrator Lori Sipos at: (317) 837-3205 or at:

Payment arrangements should be made in advance; the materials cannot be accessed until payment is received by ILEA.

After I’ve Applied and Paid for the Refresher Course, What Do I Do Next?

After your application letter and payment are received and vetted, you will be granted ACADIS access to the refresher course materials and the six (6) month clock will start.

You will receive an email with all details for accessing the materials. It is, therefore, critical that you have provided a valid email address to ILEA. The email you will receive to gain access through the ACADIS portal will state in the “From” box:   ACADIS Portal Administrator. The subject line will state: “Online Event Assignment Notification”; this is where you'll find your link to the refresher course. The link will state: “launch the event.”

If you’ve never logged into Acadis before, you will receive a second email that contains your Acadis login credentials.

Do I Have to Watch All of the Modules?

Yes. When you begin the refresher program you will notice that the ability to fast forward through the videos has been eliminated. Further, the amount of time spent on each module is electronically monitored and recorded.

What About the ‘Hands-On’ and ‘Practical’ Modules?

The firearms, physical tactics, and first aid/CPR modules are taught in-person. The instructors for firearms and physical tactics will have a form to complete that will be attached to your course file, so other than asking the instructor if they’ve completed the form you will have no responsibilities to report the results of those modules. You will, however, be required to scan and submit your CPR certification as part of your course file.

What Happens When I Complete the Final Module?

When the final module is complete you must complete the appropriate form and email the form to: Upon notifying the ILEA completion, appropriate entries will be made on your training history report. In addition, you will be given access to print out a certificate of completion.