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15 Mile Run

Protocol for 1.5 Mile Run


The 1.5 mile run is a measure of aerobic power (cardiovascular endurance). The objective in the 1.5 mile run is to cover the distance as fast as possible.


1. Stopwatch

2. Indoor or outdoor track or another suitable flat running area measured to 1.5 miles

3. Testing forms to record data


1. Participants should not eat a heavy meal or smoke for at least 2 - 3 hours prior to the test. Participants should warm up and stretch thoroughly prior to running.

2. The participant runs 1.5 miles as fast as possible.

3. Participants should not physically touch one another during the run, unless it is to render first aid.

4. Finish times should be called out and recorded.

5. Upon completion of the run, participants should cool down by walking for about 5 minutes to prevent venous pooling (i.e., pooling of the blood in the lower extremities which reduces the return of blood to the heart and may cause cardiac arrhythmia).

1.5 Mile Run

How To Prepare For 1.5 Mile Run

To prepare for this test, you need to gradually increase your running endurance. The schedule below is a proven progressive routine. Begin at the level you can accommodate, and if you can advance the schedule on a weekly basis, then proceed to the next level. If you can do the distance in less time, then do so.

WeekActivityDistance in MilesDuration in MinutesTimes Per Week
1Walk117 - 205
2Walk1.525 - 295
3Walk232 - 355
4Walk/Jog228 - 305